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Enerpac Hydraulic Cylinders


Enerpac’s extensive line of hydraulic tools is trusted globally and provides maximum force with each product. Quality like this produces safer, more accessible work environments with increased productivity.


Product Offerings

At Metro Hydraulic, we trust Enerpac hydraulic cylinders because of the products’ reliability and the company’s more than 100 years of experience.

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Single-Acting Cylinders

Enerpac single-acting cylinders are of high strength material with heavy duty return springs and a baked enamel finish to resist corrosion. Get functionality with a removable strap on the RC Series. A single-acting hydraulic cylinder typically means the work fluid only acts on a single side of the piston within the application. On a smaller scale, we offer single-acting cylinder pump sets from Enerpac.

Double-Acting Cylinders

A double-acting cylinder differs from a single-acting cylinder in that both sides of the piston are alternately acted on by fluid, which produces a force in both directions. Enerpac double-acting cylinders, like the RD Series, offer a corrosion resistant finish and a plunger wiper to reduce contamination. The RR Series offers removable hardened saddles to protect the plunger during pressing and lifting.

Hollow Cylinders

Best for testing and tensioning, hollow plunger cylinders from Enerpac offer versatility that’s lightweight. Available in RCH and RRH Series, these hollow plunger cylinders are both long-lasting and function in both push and pull forces. The RCH single-acting hollow plungers have smooth, hollow saddles with nickel plating. The RRH double-acting versions feature relief valves to prevent over-pressurization damage.

Lock Nut Cylinders

For when extended load holding is necessary, lock nut cylinders serve the purpose by locking without hydraulic pressure. The mechanical load locking function makes it a safer option for extended holds, especially where hydraulic pressure can be interrupted. The CLL series is synthetically coated for corrosion resistance and smooth operation.

High Tonnage Cylinders

Specifically created for heavy lifting applications, Enerpac high tonnage cylinders have lifting capacities within the range of 50 to 1,000 tons, supplying up to 10,000 psi. Both the CLSG and CLRG series protect from piston blow out via a stop ring, as well as providing safety with mechanical lock nut functions.

In addition to those above, RSM/RCS Series low height cylinders are also available from Enerpac. For more information on specific models of lock nut, high tonnage, hollow, and single & double acting cylinders, find our Enerpac cylinders catalog.

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