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Power Team Hydraulic Cylinders

Metro Hydraulic brings customers worldwide quality with the SPX Power Team hydraulic cylinder lineup. The brand puts design and manufacturing of cylinders through strict quality checks and always looks to improve upon current quality standards.


Product Offerings

We trust that SPX products will be a valuable addition to your project. We offer a wide selection of Powerteam Cylinders. For more information about the types of SPX cylinders you can access through our catalog, see below.


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Single Acting or Double Acting Spring Return Cylinder

Available in multiple varieties of series and materials, these cylinders will have qualities suited for the application at hand. The C-series is a general purpose, single acting spring return cylinder that’s rugged and used for fittings and pressing.

The RSS series is offered as double or single acting for 10-250 tons and functions well in confined spaces. The RLS model, for 5-150 tons provides a low-profile, quick piston return. The RA cylinder series, for 20-100 tons, is aluminum to resist wear and corrosion. The CBT series, for 5-25 tons, has threaded cylinder collars and easy mounting capabilities.

Double or Single Acting Center Hole Cylinders

The RH series handles 10-100 tons with interchangeable piston head inserts, providing versatile application options, while the 30-200 ton SH Series features interchangeable piston head inserts and packings to provide leak-proof, high cycle life. For pulling and pressing, the RT Series suits ½-100 ton jobs using a time-tested design and corrosion resistance.

Load Return and High Tonnage Cylinders

Of the two R Series available, the 55-565 ton single acting load return cylinder features low cycle, gravity return and plated piston rods. This series’ 100-565 ton double acting cylinder offers a hydraulic return, low cycle and built-in safety relief valve. The RL Series 55-565 ton single acting cylinder has load return and locking collar capabilities, along with stroke limit alerts and coated pistons.


Choose from four cylinder styles in a set of the Cylinder/Pump Hydraulic RPS Series, which includes fittings, coupler and hose. We also offer two sizes of SPX RP Series Cylinder Clevises.

For more information on any of our cylinder offerings, including SPX Power Team, contact one of our representatives today.


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