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Simplex Hydraulic Cylinders

Simplex has provided their impressive line of lifting and positioning products for more than 100 years. We proudly offer Simplex products due to their constant innovation and specialization in equipment capable of handling up to 1500 tons.


Product Offerings

Specifically designed for rugged applications within the industrial market, Simplex cylinders are high-pressure hydraulic and mechanical varieties for construction, mining, transportation, manufacturing, and many more industries.


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Spring Return Cylinders

Simplex manufactures 5, 10, 15 and 25 ton spring return cylinders with high flow quality couplers, blow-out protection, base and piston mountings and other versatile features. The spring return 30-100 ton capacity cylinders have similar options, in addition to corrosion resistance and removable carrying handles. Find aluminum spring return cylinders for 30 to 150 ton capacities that are up to 60 percent lighter than steel cylinders.

Double Acting and Hollow Cylinders

You can also find aluminum in the lock nut spring return cylinders for 50-150 ton capacities, which has heat-treated load caps, corrosion resistance and heavy duty spring. Another aluminum model is the center hole 30-150 ton cylinder, which is half the weight of its steel equivalent with carrying handles, a technical coating and blow-out protection.

Hollow varieties include a single acting 12-100 ton cylinder with extra base blow-out protection and faster retraction. The double acting version supports 30-500 ton capacities. For loads more like 10-1000 tons, the double acting cylinders are ideal for heavy duty jobs with high flow quality couplers, stop rings, large bearings and more.

Load Return Cylinders

Rated for full duty, the load return jacking cylinders for 30-1000 ton capacities feature plated pistons, stop rings, large bearings, rod wipers and domed pistons for loads more than 150 tons. The lock nut variety supports the same tonnage while having 5° swivel load caps for more than 150 tons. Both series are available in custom capacities and strokes to meet your specific application needs.

Cylinders for Compact Applications

Spring return low profile cylinders from Simplex work for 10-100 ton applications, offering ideal fit and force for most bridge lifting maintenance. Spring return flat jacks are available for 5-150 ton capacities and have stop rings for piston blow-out protection, side load resistance and high flow quality couplers.

For more information on Simplex Cylinders, or any of our other cylinder offerings, contact our team today.


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