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Reelcraft Industries Reel Catalog

Benefits of Hose Reels

Hose handling becomes safer and more efficient when you use hose reels, and the longevity of your cords, cables and hoses will increase up to five times. There’s less chances to trip over your equipment, which means more time working, less medical bills and less costly insurance. Not only will you save on labor costs, but also on replacement hoses, cords and cables.

Why should you use hose reels?


No one can argue organization helps improve workplace efficiency.


Insurance rates and number of accidents drop. Trips and slips the top reason to go on leave in industry work.

Stops Leaks

Reels help prevent water and air leaks on hoses.

Protects Equipment

Lifetime of hoses and cords are typically quintupled using a reel.

Overall: Increases Productivity

Knowing cords are safe and in a set, organized location saves time, money and equipment.

OSHA Requires Workplace Safety

In general industry, the majority of accidents are from trips, slips and falls. These cause 15% of all accidental deaths, which cause fatalities second most (following motor vehicles). 


Reelcraft Hose Reel Design

A lasting commitment to only the best design is what makes the Reelcraft products excel. The reels are designed for durability and high quality. At the very least, each reel features a corrosion-resistant powder coat paint and heavy-duty, reinforced steel stampings providing additional strength. Multi-position guide arms offer multiple mounting options as standard, as well. Permanently lubricated in the factory, Reelcraft provides extended, worry-free service life.

All of the below features are what make Reelcraft design different:

Reinforced Steel

An extra strong steel-stamped guide arm lessens bending via angular pull.

Elongated Connection

The improved proprietary adhesion process and brass connector offer a better hose crimp.

No-Stress Swivel

Using the highest grade seal design and supporting bearing surfaces, this full-flow design ensures longevity.


The coating makes steel components resistant to corrosion.

Lasting Swivel

Tested in the field, the swivel means it offers long service.

Cleaned for Quality

A 5-stage process ensures the best quality and that the powder-coat paint adheres properly. Pro-environment, any excess powder gets reclaimed.

Lasting Drive Spring

Damage to the spring from reverse reel spool winding is rare with a declutching arbor.

Covered Drive Spring

To protect against environmental factors, the drive mechanism is covered.

Rugged Latch

A wide profile and special spring mean max service life from Reelcraft.

Strong Design

Heavy gauge steel is welded and has extremely flanged edges and stiffening ribs to reduce weight. Installation and handling is easy due to strong components.

Simple Mount

Curved edges provide safety and the reel attaches to most structurally stable surfaces. 

Sealed Connections

For less leaks, the swivel and hose inlet connections are sealed.

Kink-Free Hose

Especially for reel use, hoses are of high quality PVC.

Guide Arm Adjusts

Versatile and many guide arm options made field adjustment a breeze.

Reliable Performance

Service life and performance increase due to smaller number of components.


Reelcraft Spring Driven Hose Reels

Economical & Lightweight

Series RT
 ¼”, ⅜”, ½” I.D.

For low to high pressure applications, a Reelcraft hose reel that’s low-cost and light.

Compact Reels

Series 4000/5000/5005

¼”, ⅜”, ½” I.D.

General use for air, oil, grease, water applications.

Series 7000

¼”, ⅜”, ½”, ¾” I.D.

Best-seller in low to high pressure applications.

Dual Pedestal Reels

Series DP7000

¼”, ⅜”, ½” I.D

Get a balanced swivel plus interlocking, compact base.

Mobile Base Reels

Series 8000 & D8000

¼”, ⅜”, ½” I.D.

An arm and cast base of aluminum retain high rigidity in this hose reel class.

Dual Pedestal Reels

Series 80000 & D80000

⅜”, ½”, ¾”, 1” I.D.

The largest pedestal hose reel features heavy-duty, ball-bearing swivel for low to high pressure applications.

Large Mobile Reels

Series E9000

½”, ¾”, 1”, 1 ¼”, 1 ½” I.D.

Perfect for high volume petroleum, fuel, water, air applications.

Twin Hydraulic

Series TH

¼”, ⅜”, ½” I.D.

Operate hydraulic cylinders, tools or motors. Medium pressure.


Heavy Duty Hose Reels


Reelcraft Industries, Inc. has more than 30 years of design and manufacturing experience in hoses, cable reels and cords. Using a reel offers many benefits to the workplace by providing safety, productivity and efficiency.

Reelcraft hose reels
are built for applications like auto, agriculture, golf and industry. For more information on hose reels, please contact Reelcraft customer service at 1-800-444-3134 or visit

Fuel Reels

¾”, 1”, 1 ¼”, 1 ½” I.D.

Includes fuel-grade hose. Suitable in low pressure applications.


Grounding Reels

Series G 3000

Transfer flammable materials in chemical plants or on fuel trucks with this reel that dissipates static electricity.

Stainless Steel Reels

⅜”, ½”, ¾”, 1” I.D.

For low to medium pressure applications, choose from an entire line of stainless steel reels.


Potable, Pre-rinse Water Hose Reels

⅜”, ½” I.D.

For drinking (potable) water and pre-rinse applications, Reelcraft offers several styles.


Economical Composite Reels

S Series

⅜”, ½” I.D.

Great handling in a lightweight model, this works well for low pressure water or air, such as wash-down applications.


Pressure Wash

¼”, ⅜”, ½” I.D.

Motor-driven rewind, spring driven, hand crank in many high pressure models.


General Use

Series CU and H

⅜”, ½”, ¾” I.D.

General use, hand crank applications use this medium duty reel.


Heavy Duty

Series 30000

Low and medium pressure uses needing a long hose. Electric motor rewind, bevel crank, hand crank, air motor.

Northeast Indiana is home to Reelcraft headquarters and 130,000 square foot manufacturing facility since 1971. The central location allows for same-day shipping for orders placed prior to 11:30 a.m. Global offices serve Europe/UK, Canada, Asia/Philippines, South America, Central America, Middle East


Hose Reels: Large Frame

All Welded “A” Frame

Series 1200

¾”, 1” I.D.

Rigidity and max durability in a welded A frame model. Motor driven or hand crank.

Steel Large Frame 28

Series 2400/3700/3900/5900

½”, ¾”, 1”, 1 ½”, 2”, 3”, 4” I.D.

Electric motor-powered, this model is rugged, durable with gear-drive, chain and sprocket drive or crank rewind.


Modular, T-Slot

Series 40

1”, 1 ¼”, 1 /2” I.D.

Full customization for your specs. Durable, modular large frame reel that’s reliable. Gear drive, chain drive, bevel crank and hand crank.


Fire Fighting Reels

Series 5000

½, ¾”, 1” I.D.

Mounting brackets on a lightweight, aluminum frame for fire fighting use.


Propane Reels

¾”, 1”, 1 ½” I.D.

For LPG dispensing, U/L certified swivel propane reel. Spring driven and motor driven reels.


Petroleum Service

Series 3800

1 ½, 2” I.D.

For beneath petroleum service truck canopy use, this inverted reel’s fluid path specifically for dispensing petroleum.


Single Wrap Reels

Series 6000

1 ½”, 2”, 3” I.D.

To store and retrieve fueling hoses, single wrap reel is narrowest profile.


Suffix Codes and Guide Arm Positions

TW Top Wind: Under floor and ceiling

SW Side Wind: Floor or pit, column or wall

BW Bottom Wind

Guide Arm Suffix Codes:

Each model number requires a suffix code following it to indicate desired guide arm position. Ex: 5635 OLP SW indicates side wind guide arm position.

Product Notes:

Unless otherwise specified, series reels are shipped in TW position and D 9000 0 series reels are shipped in BW position. Series 4000 and 5000 reels ordered in BW are only available in constant tension. The 80000 Series ships in SW.



Light and Power Cord Reels


Light and Medium Duty

Series LD and LG

For less demanding applications, light and power cord reels of quality construction.


Hand Crank Reels

Series LH

Portable power is simple with up to 100 feet of storage of 10/3 power cord.


Heavy Duty Reels

Series L4000, L5000, 30000, Nordic CR

Light and power source options available.


Full Line of Welding Reels


Dual Hose Reels

Series TW and BA

¼”, ⅜” I.D.

In low pressure acetylene/oxygen applications, this includes T grade reels for various gases.


Spring Driven Welding Cable

Series WC7000/WC80000

When not in use, stores electrode lead or work lead cable.


Hand Crank Welding Cable

Series CEA 30000

When not in use, stores electrode lead or work lead cable.



Safe-T-Reel Series

In manual winding of hose, cord, oxygen/acetylene and welding cable, this is great when space, weight and flexibility are key.


Tool Balancers

TB Series

Reduces operator fatigue and damage from dropped tools while making tools nearly weightless.



Hose assemblies, replacement hoses, hose bumpers, motors, switches, roller brackets, chain shrouds, mounting brackets.




S602037-1 Eight Reel Display


S602037-2 Six Reel Display

Displaying up to 8 reels, Reelcraft’s hose reel stand has universal, removable brackets for easy mounting. It easily assembles and disassembles and weighs 64 lbs/29 kg


S600539* - 8 Reel Centerpiece Display Stand

*Any four Series 4000/5000 for top installation

*Any four Series RT, 5005, or 700 for bottom installation

*Series RT and 5005 need 600626/600230 mounting brackets as well.




Spring Driven Water/Air/Grease/Oil


Series RT - 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2” I.D.

The Series RT from Reelcraft are spring-driven hose reels that are lighter and designed for less demanding, yet still industrial, use.


Strength of Structure

Reinforced ribs and heavy gauge steel stampings.


Easy Maintenance

Drive spring is industrial-grade and protected from environmental harm.


Reliable Hose Retraction

Guide arm-mounted latch eliminates latch-out at full hose extension.


Long-Life Latch Spring

Latch features stainless steel torsion spring to last.


Long-Life Swivel

Field-proven swivel guarantees long service time.


Corrosion Resistant

Powder coated and teamed steel components stand up to wear.


Versatile Mount

Adjust guide arm to seven different locations.



Steel components and composite spool make a strong and light construction.


COMPACT QUIET LATCH SERIES 4000, 5000 and 5005


Spring Driven Water/Air/Grease/Oil


Series 4000, 5000, 5005 - ¼”, ⅜”, ½” I.D.

Series 4000 and 5000 reels are of compact steel construction for use in many applications that have critical space stipulations. Get a full flow shaft and swivel for max product delivery. These reels offer longer latching life and excellent performance with a Quiet Speed latch and latch cam technology.


Series 5000 E reels and 5000 O reels are equal, but E Series reels are fully enclosed. To order, change the model number suffix letter O to E. So, 5430 OHP is 5430 EHP. Note, add 8 lbs. to open reel weight. Series 5005 reels do not offer enclosed version.




Spring Driven Water/Air/Grease/Oil


Series 7000 - ¼”, ⅜”, ½” I.D.

Robust and for most demanding applications, Series 7000’s base and guide arms are of high-grade steel and designed with gussets and structural forms for greatest strength yield. Use standard low pressure hose for water and air only and the basic reel without hose for air, oil or water.


Applications: Air/water, Maintenance of aircrafts, Pneumatics, Fleet maintenance, Transmission shops, Auto service centers, Industry, Tire shops, Agriculture/farm/ranch, Service trucks, Wash-down


Series 7000 E reels and 7000 O reels are the same, but E Series reels are fully enclosed. To order, change the model number suffix letter O to E. So, 7650 OHP is 7650 EHP. Add 17 lbs. to open reel weight.


Add suffix number 70 to indicate BSPT threads to all metric thread connections more than ½”, so 7900 OLP70.




Spring Driven Water/Air/Grease/Oil


Series DP7000 - 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2” I.D.

This reel features a two-piece, interlocking, non-welded base to prevent vibration apart. Military-tested, the DP7000 hose reels withstand a lot of vibration, which works well in truck mounted use. Base assembly is exceptionally strong, compact and vibration-resistant due to a compact, interlocking steel-formed, patent-pending, stamped base construction.




Strong and Stable:Vibration-resistance and strength derives from engineered gussets, interlocking dual base and guide arms stamped from industrial heavy gauge steel.


Lightweight:Extra strength and less weight are due to die-cast aluminum cam, hubs and latch pawl.


Corrosion Resistance:Steel parts are powder coated and the spring case is sealed by a double adhesive gasket to protect against weathering.


Minimal Maintenance:Even through frequent use, little maintenance is needed because of a bronze bushing with permanent oil impregnation and a stainless steel torsion spring.


Easy to Operate:Retraction and payout are easy due to nylon-filled, high impact guide rollers and a latch pawl that mounts to the guide arms for zero latch out at full extension.





Spring Driven Water/Air/Grease/Oil


Series D8000 - 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2” I.D.

Get highest rigidity in class of hose reels with the Series D8000’s arm and base that are aluminum cast. Professionals get more than they could ask for in reliability and quality.




Aluminum: Shock resistance from guide arm and base cast from 40,000 P.S.I. tensile strength material with 7 percent elongation. Max strength from cast aluminum frame with min payload weight.


Spring Case Gasket: A double-adhesive sided, heavy spring case gasket helps to prevent main spring damage or failure from dirt, water or other matter.

Adjustable Guide Arm: Mount on floor, wall, pit, ceiling, truck.

Reel Springs: Of top quality scaleless blue tempered steel


Coating: Each component receives durable baked-on powder coat finish for UV and chip resistance and a stay-bright finish.




Spring Driven Water/Air/Grease/Oil


Series D8000 - 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4”, 1” I.D.

Modern design and manufacturing guarantee a long life and excellent performance in the Reelcraft Series 80000 and D80000 OLP spring retractable reels. A sturdy, corrosion resistant reel is thanks to an all-steel construction and a powder coat finish that’s baked on. Both are suitable for heavy duty applications, and the D80000 hose reels feature a ball-bearing style swivel by Reelcraft.


Compact Base for limited-space applications




Hose: Retracts reliably with anti latch out.

Guide Arm: For wall, truck, ceiling mounting. Field adjustable.

Dual Pedestal Base and Guide Arm: Reinforced structurally

Treated Aluminum Casting: 5-in-1 heat treat incorporating ratchet, main shaft, spring arbor and outlet/inlet plumbing--all in one piece.

Containerized Spring Assembly: Safe, easy maintenance handling.

Ball Bearings: 2 sealed for smooth main shaft rotation.




Spring Driven Water/Air/Grease/Oil

Series D8000 - 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4”, 1”, 1 1/4”, 1 1/2” I.D.

Get stability in a mobile base reel that works with high volume water, air, fuel and petroleum. Great for portable service trucks, plant work areas or permanent service. Resists corrosion with durable baked-on powder coat finish that works well in many heavy duty applications. Basic reels are suitable for air, water or oil.

Hose Guide Roller Position

Add a suffix code after the model number for desired position. All reels ship in BW position, unless otherwise noted. FF 95/9600 in BW only.




Spring Driven Twin Hose

Series TH - 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2” I.D.

Modern design and engineering mean reliable performance in the hydraulic series, which is used under medium pressure such as operating hydraulic cylinders, equipment and tools. A high volume and dual-body swivel (except 80000) offer max delivery on product. A fully steel and compact design make it perfect for tight spaces.



● Fully steel constructed

● Baked on powder coat resists abrasion on spring motor

● Tight space-friendly with compact construction

● Pos-i-latch or constant tension spool mechanism



● Tree cutters

● Digger derricks

● Rail maintenance devices

● Aerial device

● Hydraulic tools

● Construction equipment

● Cranes

● Vehicle extraction tools


FUEL REELS SERIES F7000/FE9000/FD9000/FF9000/F80000/FD80000


Spring Driven Fuel Reels


Series F7000 - 3/4” I.D.

Series FE9000 - 3/4”, 1” I.D.

Series FF 9500, FF9600 - 1¼”, 1½” I.D.

Series F80000 - 3/4” I.D.

Series FD800 00 - 3/4”, 1” I.D.

Deliver fuel effortlessly with Reelcraft fuel retractable reels (petroleum reels) that have Viton seals and metal forms for strength and function. Great for mobile and permanent use, the reels are rugged and resist corrosion.



● Less load and minimal wear due to ball-bearing engineering

● Minimal pressure drop with full flow

● Nickel plating for extra corrosion protection



● 5-in-1 aluminum casting

● Containerized spring assembly

● Anti-latch hose

● Main shaft rotates smoothly with two sealed ball bearings

● Dual guide arm and dual pedestal support

● Ultra Heavy Duty: Mount on truck/mobile

● Heavy Duty: Medium capacity & single pedestal

● High Capacity: Dual pedestal & heavy duty



● Agriculture/Farm/Ranch

● Industrial Use

● Automotive Service Centers

● Above Ground Mining

● Service Trucks

● Fleet Maintenance Facilities

● Fluid or Fuel Transfer

● Aircraft Maintenance




Spring Driven

Series G 3000

In hazardous (fuel trucks of flammable materials) applications, use static discharge reels to ground equipment. Correctly clamp the static discharge reel to the ground and it will dissipate static electricity that’s built up and reduce sparks and possible explosions.





● Restaurants & Food Processing

● Car Washes

● Laboratories

● Dairies

● Ships & Marinas

● Grocery Stores

● Photo Finishing

● Meat Packing and Chemical Plants

● Printing Industry

● Pharmaceutical




Spring Driven Water/Air/Oil

Stainless Steel Series - 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4”, 1” I.D

Your costly chemical fluid transfer and wash down hoses will live longer with use of Reelcraft stainless steel hose reels. Storing a hose correctly will increase worker safety and organization.


Especially for food processing, wash down, pre-rinse, chemical transfer, industrial solvent handling, stainless steel hose reels also work well for offshore, on-board and coastal marine applications in harsh salt. The reel’s swivels feature Viton O rings.


Compact: For when space is tight

Versatile Use: In more general corrosive or sanitary cases

Heavy Duty

Ultra Heavy Duty: Max strength, dual pedestal



● Stainless steel shaft (full-flow) and swivel EXCEPT Series 80000 with aluminum fluid path

● Smooth automatic hose acquisition from banded drive spring

● Less drag and abrasion with nylon guide rollers

● No bending thanks to heavy duty brackets

● Wall, floor, ceiling, pit, truck mount options with multi-position guide arm

● Factory permanently lubricated

● Maintained hose length via pos-i-latch, ensuring positive hose latch

● On 7000 Series, max service life with weatherproof gasketed spring motor

● Stainless steel 304L grade

● Fasteners are self-locking and maintain integrity by eliminating vibration

● Passivated, electro polish finish

*Series 80000 and D80000 stainless reels may not work for all applications with their aluminum fluid paths.




Spring Driven

Potable/Drinking Water Reel - ½” I.D.

Underwriters Laboratories classify this water reel as 7P20 and a “Drinking Water System Component” in reference to American National Standards Institute (ANSI)/National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Standard 61.



● Quick connect and disconnect

● Operates at max 86° F (30°C)

● Stainless steel & full flow swivel and shaft

● Standard are drain and standard female garden hose inlet fitting


Spring Driven

Pre-Rinse Reels - 3/8” I.D

Engineered for restaurant, institution, home and garden appliances, pre-rinse reels are corrosion-resistant and include a lever-operated spray valve and spring hose guard of stainless steel. Reels are offered with powder or stainless finish and rated up to 210° F (99° C) hot water.



● Includes stainless steel hose guard and spray valve that is lever-operated

● Mount on wall, under counter, on ceiling

● Hold at a length with latch

● 360° rotating swivel (600248) allows 20° of angular motion (optional)

● Push-Lock, hose-end, field replaceable fittings

● Food Prep and Hot Wash Down: Schools, restaurants, home, garden, commercial

● Drinking/Potable Water: RVs, buses, boats




Spring Driven Composite Reels

S Series - 3/8”, 1/2” I.D. & Welding Reels

Economical, lightweight, sturdy, the S Series is of the latest composite materials and metals for water, air, hot wash, chemical delivery and oxygen acetylene applications.



Outer of rugged composite poly-propylene covers solid brass swivel and fluid path, spring steel motor and main shaft of steel.


Positive Latch Mechanism

In any mounting position, the design ensures positive latching.


Versatile Mounting

Bracket system offers many mount options with swivel feature as standard.



The composite case provides advantages when using the S Series.



UV stabilized and acid-resistant (most acids and alkalis) outer case that resists impact well. Suitable for general and corrosive-environment uses.


Composite/S Series

● Water service

● Oxygen acetylene

● Chemical delivery

● Combination air/water

● Hot water wash




Spring Driven, Motor Driven and Hand Crank

Series 30000/H18006/PW - 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2” I.D.


Reelcraft pressure wash reels are rated up to 4500 PSI and are of quality steel with a space-saving design. Carry 50-400 ft of untangled hose with the Series 30000, H18006 and PW reels that come with Super Swivel for excellent product delivery. Super Swivel handles many pressures, temperatures and chemicals, which is ideal for marine, agriculture, equipment cleaning and pressure washing.




Equipment cleaning

Pressure washing





Hand Crank Water/Air

Series CU - 3/8” I.D.

Designed for less demanding applications needing long-length hoses for low pressure air or water, the Series CU reels have hand crank and balanced brass swivels and brass inlets. An economical choice, it’s easy to store and retrieve your hose, while being lightweight and modern.


Hand Crank Water/Air/Oil/Grease

Series H - 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4” I.D.

Medium duty applications needing long hoses work well with this economical reel. Ideal for plant or field uses, such as pest control, steam cleaning, lawn care, and ships already assembled.





Full flow shaft and ball bearing swivel (not ½” models)

Permanent lubrication on dual main bearings

Either end of reel motor mounting

Fully bolted construction without welds

Eliminate backlash of hose with adjustable spool rotation drag

Swivel that is nickel-plated and has 4 O ring choices of AFLAS (std), Buna, Viton® or -EPR* seals

Lock pin comes optional to prevent rotation of spool when not in use

Operational temperatures are from -20° F (-29° C) to +250° F (121°C)

Fasteners are vibration-proof and self-locking




Motor Driven and Hand Crank

Series 30000 - 1/4”,1/2”, 3/4”, 1” I.D.

Meant for heavy duty applications that need long hose and a large storage reel, Reelcraft Series 30000 reels feature a fully bolted unit construction and no welds. Get a heavy gauge steel frame, drum and spool and a full flow swivel for long service.


Low Pressure Water

Long hoses like for grounds maintenance

Caution: Fully extend and pressurize hose before winding on the reel to eliminate drum damage. Always wind the 30000 series under pressure.


Note: Crank driven weights listed (add for power driven, electric) all explosion proof 45 lb. (20.41 kg); 12 Volt D.C. 1/3 H.P. 30 lb. (13.61 kg); Air 6 AM 36 lb. (16.33 kg). Capacity chart is reference only. Add suffix number 70 to show BSPT threads for all metric thread connections over 1/2" such as CA33112 M70.





Athletic field/turf


Pressure wash

Golf course

Pest control





Handle adjusts four ways

Powder coat finish is baked on and abrasion resistant

Steel axle ½” diameter

Width at 12” or 18”

Steel frame a rugged 1” square tubular handle

Pre-greased ball-bearings are high grade and sealed for long service life

8" semi-pneumatic or 8 ¾" pneumatic rubber tires





Motor Driven and Hand Crank

Series 37000 - 3/4”, 1” I.D.

Hand Cart and Trailer Hose Caddy

Best for grounds maintenance, the Reelcraft Series 37000 works for indoors and outdoors needing up to 1” I.D. x 100’ of hose. These reels easily fit on the Reelcraft trailer or cart and are shipped pre-assembled. Installation information comes with each reel and trailer, reel and accessories are sold separately.



● Athletic field/turf

● Pest control

● Nursery

● Hotel/resort

● Agriculture

● Grounds maintenance

● Golf course


5 Main Benefits

1.Quick Response: Work fast and easy with less tangling and a power-rewind hose

2.Less Damage to Turf: Hose won’t drag on turf and get worn/damaged

3.Money and Labor Saved: Response time decreases, hose damage reduces

4.Existing System Enhanced: Supplemental irrigation adds to current operation

5.Equipment Saved: No need for maintenance vehicle





Nordic Series 1200

1” Fluid Path for ½” - 1” I.D. Hose


Rewind: Hydraulic motor, compressed air motor or electric motor (A.C. or D.C.) powers chain and sprocket drive or direct crank rewind. Crank is not offered on models of power rewind. Manual rewind reels have an optional pin lock assembly.

Inlet: Swivel joint at ½” to 1” female/male NPT 90° with straight swivel at additional cost.

Gooseneck: ½”, ¾”, 1” female NPT. When specified, can choose other sizes and/or threads, such as a garden hose thread.

Color comes standard as red or gray.

Additional options: carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum construction.

Product temperatures: -20° to +225°F and standard pressures to 1000 p.s.i. Other options available for additional cost via manufacturer.




Reelcraft Offers Solutions Through Engineering


Full Flow Design: Contoured goose neck matches drum diameter, allowing smooth hose-wrap and uninterrupted flow.

Long Service Time: Permanently lubricated ball bearing on swivel.

Changeable Hose Tension: Brake allows for various applications.

Easy Rewinding: Smooth consistency because of chain and sprocket drive design.

Extra Life: Independent self-aligning bearing supports spool axial.

Free Rotation: Reel freely rotates via swing joint and spindle when fluid is pressurized.

Perfected Rigid Design: More strength and resistance to corrosion and vibration with proprietary unitized tie rods with zinc plating.

Resistance to Corrosion: Individual components are powder coated for max resistance and coverage. Stainless steel fasteners come standard.




Nordic Series 2400

½”, ¾” or 1” Fluid Path for ½” through 1” I.D. Hose


Rewind: Choose gear-drive rewind or chain and sprocket drive which are powered by D.C. or A.C. electric motor, hydraulic motor or compressed air motor.

Inlet: Swivel joint at ½” to 1” female/male NPT 90° with straight swivel at additional cost.

Gooseneck: ½”, ¾”, 1” female NPT. When specified, can choose other sizes and/or threads, such as a garden hose thread.

Additional options: Available in standard colors red or gray. Note: Add 12” to E dimension with crank in rewind position.

Product temperatures: -20° to +225°F with standard pressures to 1000 p.s.i. Other options available at additional cost via manufacturer.





Bevel crank, hand crank, gear and chain drives in chart.

Standard as aluminum or powder coated steel flanges

Female NPT threads and 2” victaulic groove on standard straight ball bearing swivel joint, 90° offered at no additional charge.

Open spool spacer makes it easy to get to reversible goose neck and easier hose flexing under pressure without distortion.

Any configuration offered as standard, with plumbing and motor shown on left side.

Black frame and powder coat red are standard design, with other colors optional by request.

Explosion proof 12VDC, 115 AC, hydraulic and pneumatic motor optional as standard.

Minimum and maximum temperature for standard seals are -20° F (-29° C) to 174° F (79° C) with 600 psi as max pressure. Max and min temps for extreme temperature seals are -50° F (-45° C) to 400° F (204° C).

Recommended: chain/gear guard, though optional and sold separately.




Nordic Series 3900

1½” Fluid Path for 1” through 1½” I.D. Hose


Rewind: Chain and sprocket drive or gear-drive rewind powered by A.C. or D.C. electric motor, hydraulic motor or compressed air motor.

Inlet: Straight victaulic at 2” with 1 ½” female NPT straight swivel joint comes standard and a 2” at 90° victaulic with 1½” NPT female comes at an extra fee.

Gooseneck: Female/male NPT outlet at 1”, 1 ¼” and 1 ½”

Note: ADD 12” to E dimension for a crank in rewind position. Gray or red is standard color.

Standard seals: -20° F (-29° C) to 174° F (79° C) with standard pressures to 300 psi

Extreme temperature seals: -50° F (-45° C) to 400° F (204° C). Other temps and pressures come at extra cost.




Nordic Series 3700

2” Fluid Path for 1½” through 2” I.D. Hose


Rewind: Chain and sprocket drive or gear-drive rewind powered by A.C. or D.C. electric motor, hydraulic motor or compressed air motor.

Inlet: Standard is a 2” straight victaulic and at no extra cost, a 2” male NPT straight swivel joint may be supplied. At extra cost, get a 2” victaulic 90°

Gooseneck: Specify threads or sizes, or standard is 2” male/female NPT

Standard seals: -20° F (-29° C) to 174° F (79° C) with standard pressures to 300 psi

Extreme temperature seals: -50° F (-45° C) to 400° F (204° C) and other temperatures or pressure are offered at an extra cost.

Notes: Standard color is gray or red. ADD 12” to E dimension for crank in rewind position.




Nordic Series 5900

3” or 4” Fluid Path for 2” through 4” I.D. Hose


Rewind: Chain and sprocket drive or gear-drive crank rewind powered by A.C. or D.C. electric motor, hydraulic motor or compressed air motor.

Inlet: Standard is a 3” straight victaulic and at extra cost is a 90° victaulic swivel joint.

Gooseneck: Unless otherwise specified, 3” female NPT

Product temperatures: -50° F to +400° F with pressures to 300 psi, other temps or pressures at a cost.

Note: Standard on 4” reels are 4” x 90° victaulic inlet, 24” diameter drum, 4” female NPT gooseneck





Nordic Series 5000

½”, ¾” or 1” Fluid Path for ½” through 1” I.D. Hose

Corrosion resistant and up to 50 percent lighter than standard steel booster reels, the aluminum series 5000 requires no finishing or painting. It offers a fully aluminum frame assembly and spool, plated sprocket and fasteners and plated steel fluid path.


Rewind: Chain and sprocket drive or gear-drive crank rewind powered by A.C. or D.C. electric motor, hydraulic motor or compressed air motor. For an extra cost, get 30° and vertical rewind mechanisms.

Inlet: Rated at 100 psi, a 1” male/female NPT 90° swivel joint. Specify straight swivel joint for extra cost.

Gooseneck: 1” male NST 1.375 x 8 threads per inch is standard, with other sizes or threads available upon specification.

Note: Chart weights are for electric rewind models. Add 12” to E dimension with crank in rewind.







Nordic Series 3900 LPG

1½” Fluid Path for 1” through 1½” I.D. Hose


Rewind: Chain and sprocket drive or gear-drive crank rewind powered by A.C. or D.C. electric motor, hydraulic motor or compressed air motor.

Inlet: 1”, 1 1/1” and 2” standard for Full Circle UL approved swivels

Hose Boss: Optional addition for more efficiency and safety in winding. Hose Boss Rewind Assist has rewind switch mounted in extended arm with two hose rollers.




Nordic Series 3800 1½” or 2” Fluid Path for 1¼” through 2” I.D. Hose


Rewind: A.C. or D.C. electric motor, hydraulic motor or compressed air motor power a chain and sprocket drive. Manual rewind assembly at 30°

Inlet: Standard is 90° 2” victaulic and straight swivel joints specified at no fee.

Gooseneck: Male/female NPT available in 1¼”, 1½” or 2”, specify fitting and hose size upon order.

Locks and Brakes: Standard is a manual friction brake and air operated caliper brake is at an extra cost.

Standard seals: -20° F (-29° C) to 174° F (79° C)

Extreme temperature seals: -50° F (-45° C) to 400° F (204° C)





Single Wrap Reels Nordic Series 6000

1½”, 2” or 3” Fluid Path for 1” through 3” I.D. Hose


Rewind: A.C. or D.C. electric motor, hydraulic motor or compressed air motor power a chain and sprocket drive.

Inlet: For 1-2 inch ID hose, 2” victaulic is standard. For 2.5-3 ID hose 3” victaulic is standard. 1½”, 2” and 3” NPT or BSPP available. 90° Inlets are no extra charge upon request.

Gooseneck: Specify female or male threads. 1½”, 2” and 3” NPT or BSPP available.

Locks and Brakes: Standard is air operated caliper brake and idler assembly. Optional is manual friction brake.

Materials: Heavy duty steel constructed frame and spool assembly come standard, but also offered in aluminum. Gray or red is standard.

Operating Pressure: 300 psi max

Temperatures: -40°F (-40°C) to 400°F (204°C) and reels operate at other temps or pressures by request for extra cost.




Light/Medium Duty Cord Reels

Series LD, LG and LH

For less demanding applications, the light and medium duty cord reels hold a long life and accommodate lengths of 16/3, 14/3, 12/3, and 10/3 diameter cable. Keep your workplace safe with electrical cords out of the way in a Reelcraft cord reel.

Series LD Cord Reels

In light industrial uses of moderate length cords, the light duty cord series brings order. The Series LD offers powder coated steel housing, a reset circuit breaker and adjustable cable stop. Designed to mount overhead, the reels are compact and save space.

Series LG Cord Reels

For heavier gauge, longer length cord, medium duty industrial cord reels are light and small. Of high-impact resistant composite materials, their construction allows an overhead mount, or on a wall. The reels are detachable from the mounting bracket for ultimate portability. Also get an adjustable cable stop and circuit breaker that you can reset with this series of reels.

Series LH Hand Crank Reels

Perfect for contractors, medium duty hand crank reels can be taken anywhere and offer power when needed. The reel features four circuit breaker protected outlets and powder coated steel components for the most resistance to corrosion.




Performance Design


Bumper Stop: Adjustable to any length outside the reel.

Resists Corrosion: Powder coated individual steel components

8 Outlet/Lamps: 8 choices, single receptacle, duplex box with GFCI (F) 2 styles, RV plug, 2 fluorescents, 2 incandescents

Easy Mount: Works on most sound surfaces, curved safety edges. Swing brackets should be used for cords pulled more than 45° (page 49).

Guide Arm: Adjust using multiple positions for more uses.

Drive Spring: Enclosed and protected from environment. L

Declutching Arbor: Drive spring won’t damage from reverse winds.

Strong: Heavy gauge steel frame that’s robotically welded.




Choose from 5 light cords

Work better with fluorescent, incandescent or explosion-proof hand lamps.


Auto-Switch Light Cord Reels

Activate power by pulling a cord in models featuring an on/off switch mounted on the guide arm.





Nordic Series CR2400/CR3100/CR4800 for 3-conductor service


Rewind: A.C. or D.C. electric motor or compressed air motor powers chain and sprocket drive or direct crank rewind.

Series CR2400: Reel braked by adjustable spring drag.

Series CR3100/CR4800: Sturdy spring powers this series and has a tamper-proof housing. Upon payout of cable, ratchet mechanism locks, though easily disengages if pulled.

Cable Rollers: 4-way roller guide supplied for all models. Specify roller position upon order, or bottom wind is supplied. Can be installed or supplied.

Cable Stop: To prevent roller damage and for free cable length adjustment, use a cable/hose stop.




Heavy Duty cord and Cable Storage Reels

Series 30000

Long, expensive electrical cord can easily be kept from harm with the Reelcraft Series 30000 line that offers live power cord and cable storage reels designed to handle cable at 10/3, 12/3 and 16/3.

Get a storage reel and live power cord reel of heavy gauge steel and integrity through self-locking fasteners that resist vibration. After five stages of cleaning, they are powder-coated to be corrosion-resistant and are suitable for indoor and non-weather-tight applications.


Cable/Cord Storage Reels

For unwinding, winding and storage or conductive cable/cord, use Reelcraft cable and cord storage reels. Not intended to be live, the reel must be disconnected from power while reeling/de-reeling to not twist the wires. Find the Series 30000 cable storage reels as hand crank only.


Live Power Cord Reels

Collector rings on these reels let the reel unwind/wind the cable or cord with live current without twisted wires. The advantages is an effective operating device rather than simple storage. Live Series 30000 power cord reels are offered in direct hand crank, electric motor-driven rewind or bevel gear crank.







● Increases workplace safety and productivity

● Swiveling full flow shaft

● Prevents leaks with double-sealed O rings

● Aluminum body is independent dual swivel and hard-coated to resist wear, ensuring positive gas separation

● Proper installation ensured with permanent machined groves on acetylene side swivel body and inlet

● Baked-on red powder-coated finish resists corrosion and abrasion

● Temperature range at - 20° F / -29° C to +250° F / +120° C for operation

● Heavy gauge steel reel frame, spool and drum




Hand Crank

Series CEA

Increases workplace safety, organization and productivity

Store work or electrode lead up to #2/0 safely when not used

Each lead needs separate reel. When welding, see ANSI/Asc Z 49.1

A continuous 400 AMP, 90VDC (max) rated enclosed slip ring of a current path per cable reel

Zero tangles or kinks if reels used to store cables not in use

Reels maintain correct radius of cables bend for longer life


Spring Driven Series WC



Get long life and easy maintenance from a fully bolted heavy gauge steel construction

Prevent spool from turning when not used with manual drum lock




Safe-T-Reel Series

Up to 150’ fuel gas Up to 200’ 12/3 cable

When space, flexibility and weight are major factors, Safe-T-Reels allow for manual winding of water/air/fuel gases hose, welding cable and electric cord. Meet specific needs based on selected configurations and get trouble-free cord or hose management with Safe-T-Reels.




5 Main Benefits

1. Make tools nearly weightless by balancing assembly tool weight.

2. Decrease fatigue by operator

3. Gain safety and user-friendly design

4. Gain time and productivity by having tools at-hand and ready for use

5. See less tool damage from dropped tools

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