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Underwater Hydraulic Tools

Underwater hydraulic tools are used for a variety of purposes by commercial dive companies. These underwater tools make it possible to build marine floor anchoring and rigging, perform maintenance on docks and piers, and much more. Stanley provides high-quality underwater hydraulic tools that are essential for underwater construction and demolition applications for oil platforms, archeological expeditions, dam construction sites, and a variety of other underwater applications.

Underwater Applications that Require Hydraulic Power

Hydraulic tools facilitate efficient underwater construction and repair efforts. Stanley hand tools are designed to cut, grind, and clean, to complete projects at the highest level of quality. Some of the most common underwater applications for Stanley hydraulic tools include:

Underwater Construction

Divers require unique tools to perform underwater construction and repairs to structures located beneath the water’s surface. Stanley’s underwater hydraulic tools can perform tasks like pressure grouting, underwater welding, scour and erosion repair, intake cleaning, mussel surveys, salvage attempts, and underwater concrete placement. Hydraulic power tools commonly used in these applications include:

  • Underwater Grinders: used to grind and clean underwater structures using a variety of wheels, brushes, and other attachments.
  • Underwater Cut-Off Saws: equipped with heavy-duty blades that can cut through materials like metal and concrete.
  • Underwater Impact Drivers: a dual-purpose tool consisting of an impact wrench and wood drill.
  • Underwater Impact Wrenches: designed to accommodate difficult underwater bolting applications.

Underwater Demolition

Divers who perform underwater demolition do so in dangerous conditions where there is little light and space. They use underwater hydraulic tools to clear obstacles from waterways and ports and to make space for bridges and dams to be built. These tools are also used to remove underwater hazardous materials and set up explosives for underwater mining operations.

Some of the hydraulic tools used in underwater demolition include:

  • Underwater Breakers: Stanley hand tools that can break up concrete and remove coral from under the water’s surface.
  • Underwater Hammer Drills: can drill 2” holes through concrete, rock, and masonry.
  • Underwater Chipping Hammers: heavy-duty underwater hydraulic tools made to chip underwater materials.
  • Underwater Sinker Drills: drills designed to drill up to 20’ into tough surfaces like concrete, rock, and masonry.

Underwater Mining Explorations

Underwater mining is an experimental industrial field in which miners dredge the sand to remove minerals and other valuable resources from the bottom of the sea. Professionals use a variety of underwater hydraulic tools to extract these materials. Bulk cutters are powerful tools that can grind the seafloor into gravel and silt so it can be removed and placed on surface mining vessels. Underwater breakers effectively break up concrete and coral while underwater hammer drills can drill 2 in. holes into concrete, rock, and masonry.

Deep-Sea Oil & Gas Drilling

Deep-water drilling requires the use of underwater hydraulic tools to search for oil and natural gas beneath the seabed. Certain hydraulic tools can provide horizontal and directional drilling while taking precise measurements, even on remote platforms. Necessary tools like drilling rigs can drill new hole segments, while drillships are used for their ability to drill on the seabed in deep seas. Drilling vessels are also designed to drill wells of deep seas to extract oil and gas. Jack-ups, or self-elevating drilling rigs, have moveable legs that can raise and lower to perform drilling at offshore locations.

Tooling Advantages

High-quality underwater hydraulic tools are necessary for performing underwater construction and repair, and they offer a range of advantages, including:

  • Durability & Maintenance: Hydraulic components are protected from damaging elements by the hydraulic fluids, extending their working life and requiring minimal maintenance.
  • Increased Power & Productivity: Pressurized fluids can transfer more energy than their gas or pneumatic counterparts, allowing manufacturers to design hydraulic tools in smaller, more efficient configurations.
  • Cold & Wet Conditions: Stanley underwater hydraulic tools can operate in sub-zero temperatures without affecting performance and can be completely submerged for extended periods.
  • Cost-Effective, Environmentally Friendly Operation: Stanley hydraulic tools are highly efficient and use less energy than other types of tools and they can be operated with little or no effect on the surrounding environment through the use of biodegradable hydraulic fluids.

Ready to Order Your Underwater Hydraulic Tools?

At Metro Hydraulic Jack Co., we offer a variety of underwater equipment solutions that can assist in your next project. We offer products for a variety of tasks from excavating for new construction to demolition and repair. If you’re ready to order underwater hydraulic tools for your next operation, contact us today.

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