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Power Team Hydraulic Cylinder Catalog Guide

Are you looking for reliable hydraulic cylinders to handle the most challenging tasks? If so, look no further than Metro Hydraulic full line of hydraulic cylinders. Our wide range of products is designed with precision and manufactured to meet our highest standards and provide exceptional performance and long-term reliability.

With a comprehensive catalog detailing all of our available options, we make finding the perfect product for your application easy — take some time to explore what a Power Team hydraulic cylinder is and the advantages each cylinder series offers.

What is a Power Team hydraulic cylinder, and how does it work?

Power Team hydraulic cylinders are a reliable and cost-effective tool used for many different applications. They feature a unique symmetrical design that allows for both push and pull force capabilities — making them versatile and powerful tools with long service life.

Power Team hydraulic cylinders’ robust construction ensures that these cylinders can provide years of reliable performance while providing safety and power efficiency.

Types of Power Team Hydraulic Cylinders

Power Team offers a variety of cylinders for different applications.

  • Single-acting or double-acting spring return cylinder: These cylinders are designed for applications that require a push or pull force and can return to their original position after releasing pressure.
  • Double or single-acting center hole cylinders: These cylinders feature a hole at the body’s center and provide a double or single force.
  • Load return and high tonnage cylinders: These cylinders typically feature a large piston area, allowing them to accommodate heavier loads.

Power Team hydraulic cylinders

Power Team has a wide range of cylinders for a variety of applications. These series of cylinders are the following:

Applications for hydraulic cylinders

Power Team hydraulic cylinders are used in many applications, including construction, industrial and agricultural equipment. Some of the most common uses for these cylinders include:

  • Lifting and pressing in construction machinery
  • Power steering systems in automobiles
  • Actuating valves, pumps, and other hydraulic components
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Industrial machine tools
  • Material handling systems
  • Mobile equipment, automotive, and truck applications

With so many options, finding the perfect product for your application is easy.

How to choose the right hydraulic cylinder for your needs

When selecting the right cylinder for your application, there are many factors to consider. It would be best if you asked yourself some questions about your performance needs, such as:

  • What type of force do you need? (Push or pull)
  • How much load is required?
  • What are the stroke length and pressure rating needed?
  • Do you require any special features, such as seals or dust wipers?

Once you have answered these questions, it will be easier to determine which Power Team product is best suited for your application.

Choose Metro Hydraulic Power Team Hydraulic Cylinder for your next project

When it comes to selecting the correct cylinder, take some time to consider your application requirements. Metro Hydraulic offers a wide range of Power Team hydraulic cylinders designed to handle various workloads. 

Each cylinder series offers unique features, so make sure you understand the capabilities and benefits of each one before making your selection. You can do the job quickly and efficiently with the right Power Team hydraulic cylinder. Contact us today to learn more about our product offerings.

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