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Enerpac Hydraulic Pumps

Hydraulic pumps convert mechanical energy into hydraulic energy and can be found in essential industrial applications like tractors, dump trucks, mining equipment, forklifts, conveyors, mixers, and more. Because these settings are so critical, they require reliable, high-performance pumps. Enerpac is the world’s foremost manufacturer of hydraulic pumps and other control parts.

As a pioneer of computerized lifting and positioning systems, Enerpac has been streamlining process flows for manufacturers since 1910. Metro Hydraulic is a proud distributor of top-tier Enerpac products, which can provide innovative and precise solutions to any high-pressure application.

Selecting the Best Enerpac Hydraulic Pump for Your Application

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to Enerpac hydraulic pumps. The wide variety of solutions can make it challenging to determine the best one for a given application. When making your selection, consider the following:

  • Fill speed: The pump needs to move fluid in and out of the system within the time frame.
  • Fluid compatibility: Choose an Enerpac pump that is built for the type of fluid used in your system, which may be standard hydraulic fluid, biodegradable fluid, phosphate ester, water glycol, and others. Fluid viscosity is a related consideration—too high or too low, and you risk inefficient operation and potential breakdown. 
  • Pressure capacity: The pump must be able to withstand the pressure produced by the system without creating leakage or part damage. 
  • Efficiency: Efficient pumps will reduce your operating costs. If the pump meets your needs for fill speed and pressure capacity, also make sure it is energy efficient in relation to its output.
  • Maintenance needs: Different Enerpac pump designs have different maintenance requirements. Be prepared to attend to those needs to extend the pump’s lifespan. Regular maintenance is important in keeping your system operating efficiently and catching small issues before they turn into big ones. In some cases, higher maintenance needs may be worth greater efficiency, fill speed, or pressure capacity. 

Enerpac Pump Types

The diverse selection of Enerpac hydraulic pump types guarantees an ideal solution for jobs of any size, power source requirement, and application.

Electric Hydraulic Pumps

Commonly used in remote and mobile applications—including buses, material handling, and construction equipment—Enerpac electric hydraulic pumps use a motor to generate hydraulic force.

Economy Electric Pumps
Economy Electric Pumps: Lightweight, compact, and easy to transport, Economy pumps are ideal for powering small- to medium-sized hydraulic tools, cylinders, or punching applications. They are not appropriate for load holding applications. 
E-Pulse Electric Hydraulic Pumps
E-Pulse Electric Hydraulic Pumps: Designed for convenience and precision, E-Pulse pumps feature smart controls with adjustable speeds and a durable aluminum housing. It also has a cord management system and pendant control for tidy storage.
Submerged Electric Pumps
Submerged Electric Pumps: Available in single- or double-acting models, Enerpac submerged electric pumps come in several product series. The FED series is great for punching, cutting, and crimping, while the PEM series has a manual valve and is effective for a wider variety of applications. The PER series features a solenoid valve and is ideal for lifting and production. The PEJ series offers a remote jog for lighter lifting and production capabilities. The PES series has a pressure switch designed for clamping, workholding, testing, and other applications that require maintained pressure. 
ZE Electric Pump Series
ZE3/ZE4/ZE5/ZE6 Electric Pump Series: These pumps offer several reservoir and valve configurations, as well as enclosed fan-cooled motors that can handle harsh environmental conditions. 
8000-Series Electric Pumps
8000-Series Electric Pumps: Available in five models, these pumps offer a dual-voltage motor, two-speed pump design, a panel-mounted pressure gauge, and an adjustable pressure relief valve.

Hand/Manual Hydraulic Pumps

When less power is required, these lightweight, compact, and manually-powered pumps offer an easy solution for test equipment or remote locations where there is no conventional power source. 

Lightweight Hand Pumps
Lightweight Hand Pumps: With lightweight Enerpac hydraulic hand pumps, low handle effort reduces operator fatigue. A sturdy glass-filled nylon reservoir and nylon-encapsulated aluminum pump base provide excellent corrosion resistance. 
Single-Acting Cylinder-Pump Sets
Single-Acting Cylinder-Pump Sets: Choose from three series: RC (general purpose cylinders), RCS (low-height cylinders), and RCH (hollow cylinders for pushing and pulling). All three come equipped with a two-speed pump, six-foot safety hose, and calibrated gauge. 
Steel Hand Pumps
Steel Hand Pumps: An internal relief valve provides overload protection, and its two-speed operation reduces user fatigue. Select models offer four-way valving for double-acting cylinders.

Air Hydraulic Pumps

In air hydraulic pumps, the hydraulic mechanism is driven by air pressure. The higher the psi capabilities, the more viscous and resistant fluids you can move through larger systems, making these pumps a popular choice for shop presses and automotive equipment. 

Turbo II Air Hydraulic Pumps
Turbo II Air Hydraulic Pumps: Built for tough environments, these pumps feature a durable reservoir and a highly efficient cast aluminum air motor.
PA Series Air Hydraulic Pumps
PA Series Air Hydraulic Pumps: Their rugged construction allows for easy maintenance and a long service life. The swivel coupling makes pump operation and hydraulic connection easier. 
ZA-Series Air Hydraulic Pumps
ZA-Series Air Hydraulic Pumps: This series features a high-efficiency pump with higher bypass pressure and oil flow, which reduces cycle time and boosts productivity. 
PAM Series Air Hydraulic Pumps
PAM Series Air Hydraulic Pumps: One- and two-gallon reservoirs can be used with a wide range of cylinders, and the twin air motor offers optimal performance.
XA-Series Air Driven Hydraulic Pumps
XA-Series Air Driven Hydraulic Pumps: This ATEX-certified series features precise metering for accurate control of oil flow. Its closed hydraulic system effectively prevents contamination and enables the pump to be used in any position for increased versatility. 

Gas Hydraulic Pumps

Gas engines generate energy to operate the pump. With a portable power source, gas hydraulic pumps are commonly used in field applications for excavators, cranes, and more.

ZG5/ZG6 Gasoline Hydraulic Pumps
ZG5/ZG6 Gasoline Hydraulic Pumps: With two-speed operation, fully visible oil levels, and high-efficiency pump designs, these products offer improved productivity.
8000 Series Gasoline Pumps: These pumps provide reliable hydraulic power for even the most heavy-duty field operations. 

Cordless Battery Hydraulic Pumps

Cordless pumps are valuable in both remote locations and high-traffic areas. These Enerpac 10,000 psi hydraulic pumps provide sufficient power for heavy-duty mining and forestry equipment, and they’re handy in small workspaces where a cord may pose a hazard or inconvenience. 

XC-Series, Cordless Hydraulic Pump
XC-Series, Cordless Hydraulic Pump: Lightweight with a bladder reservoir to prevent contamination, these cordless pumps offer portability, safety, and speed in remote outdoor locations as well as small indoor spaces. 
ZC-Series Cordless Pumps
ZC-Series Cordless Pumps: Quiet and efficient, this pump runs on a rechargeable 82V lithium-ion battery, which offers long run times and high flow even in extreme conditions. 

Industries Served

Companies in a wide range of industries turn to Enerpac products for reliable hydraulic power in critical applications:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Commercial
  • Construction
  • Marine
  • Mining
  • Oil and gas
  • Rail
  • Refuse
  • Shipbuilding

High-Performance Enerpac Pumps Distributed by Metro Hydraulic

Since 1941, Metro Hydraulic has established itself as a leading distributor and service center for industrial hydraulic equipment, parts, tools, jacks, and lubrication equipment for the automotive, commercial, marine, and construction industries. We’re proud to be a trusted distributor of Enerpac hydraulic pumps, cylinders, tools, and other hydraulic equipment.

Our status as a national leader in sales and service is a result of providing the highest quality products and skilled service to our clients. Contact us for more information about our repairs and engineering services, or request a quote to get started on your hydraulic pump solution.

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