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Simplex Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders function as actuation components that generate force and linear motion by utilizing pressurized hydraulic fluid, which cylinders convert into mechanical energy. For trusted, high-performance cylinders, we at Metro Hydraulic Jack Co. recommend Simplex cylinders. These high-pressure cylinders come in hydraulic and mechanical varieties that are ideal for a range of rugged applications in transportation, manufacturing, and mining, among other industries. Backed by over a century of production and innovation, Simplex cylinders provide impressive hydraulic capabilities, handling as much as 1500 tons. Learn more about the various types available at Metro Hydraulic and the cylinders’ unique capabilities.

Types of Simplex Cylinders

Each type of Simplex cylinder has different features and capacities. Four common cylinder types we carry include:

Spring Return Cylinders

With 5-, 10-, 15-, and 25-ton capacities, Simplex manufactures its spring return cylinders with versatile features such as piston and base mountings, blow-out protections, and high flow quality couplers. For added resistance to corrosion and the ability to detach carrying handles, we also carry spring return cylinders with 30- to 100-ton capacities. In aluminum, Simplex offers cylinders for up to 150 tons that are 60% lighter than comparable steel varieties.

Double-Acting and Hollow Cylinders

In this cylinder category, Simplex offers lock nut spring return cylinders with capacities of 50 to 150 tons, heavy-duty springs, and heat-treated load caps. These cylinders are optimal for their corrosion resistance. Center hole cylinders are composed of aluminum, so they are 50% lighter than steel varieties, and have a technical coating, carrying handles, and extra base for blow-out protection. Their capacity is 30 to 150 tons. For single-acting hollow cylinders, Simplex manufactures 12- to 100-ton options, also with extra base for faster retraction and safeguarding against blow-outs. The double-acting variety of hollow cylinders is better for rugged applications due to its large bearings, stop rings, high flow quality couplers, and other unique features, supporting 10 to 1000 tons.

Load Return Cylinders

Load return jacking cylinders are rated for full duty with a capacity of 30 to 1000 tons. They feature plated pistons, stop rings, rod wipers, large bearings, and domed pistons that enable loads of over 150 tons. Simplex produces a lock nut version that can support up to 150 tons as well, but these cylinders have 5° swivel load caps that can hold more than that. Simplex manufactures both varieties with customizable strokes and capacities to meet the specific needs of versatile applications.

Hydraulic Cylinders for Compact Applications

Simplex manufactures cylinders for compact applications in two versions: the spring return low-profile cylinder and the spring return flat jack cylinder. The low-profile option will work in the range of 10 to 100 tons, whereas the flat jack version has the capacity for 5 to 150 tons. The spring return flat jack cylinder features sideload resistance, high flow quality couplers, and stop rings for added piston blow-out security.

Common Applications

In addition to mining, transportation, and standard manufacturing, Simplex hydraulic cylinders have applications in everything from aerospace and construction to energy production and agriculture. Some specific applications for cylinders include:

Simplex Cylinders From Metro Hydraulic

Simplex builds its positioning and lifting products to withstand harsh environments for a broad spectrum of applications. At Metro Hydraulic, we are committed to quality and unmatched customer service, which is why we offer the Simplex brand.

Since 1941, our third-generation family-owned business has distributed cylinders, jacks, hydraulic fittings, motors, presses, valves, pumps, tools, and more. We also provide repair and engineering services along with a vast inventory to best serve our customers. For more information on Simplex cylinders from Metro Hydraulic, contact us today or request a quote to get started on your project.

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