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Hydraulic Jacking Systems

A hydraulic jack performs the same functions as any other type of jack. They can be used to lift vehicles, heavy equipment or other large weights to aid in mounting, moving or repairs. They can also be used for applications such as low-rise elevators and even smaller applications, such as dental chairs. The difference between these and other types of jacks, however, is that they use hydraulic principles to lift the weight more easily.

How It Works

Hydraulic lifting power works on the principal that pressure is the same at all points within a closed container. In a hydraulic system, hydraulic fluid is contained in both a large and a small container, which are linked by hydraulic tubes. A small amount of pressure in the smaller tube translates to the same amount of pressure in the larger container, but over a wider area, resulting in greater force. Leaving the math aside, this means that a small amount of force can lift a much greater load than would otherwise be possible using smaller containers. This principal was noted back in the seventeenth century, and has been used to great effect in many different industries.

Two Types of Hydraulic Jacks

There are two basic types of jacks using hydraulic lifting power: Bottle Jacks – These jacks came into popular use with the rise of the automotive industry, and gave individuals an easy way to lift vehicles for inspection and service. Their shape reminded people of milk bottles, giving rise to the name “Bottle Jack.” The configuration of a bottle jack is a vertical shaft with a bearing pad on top to carry the weight of the object. They are most commonly used in the automotive industry, but are also used in stretcher lifts in the medical field, cable slicers in the construction industry, and load lifters in warehouses. Floor Jacks – Floor jacks feature a shaft that is mounted horizontally. This shaft then pushes a crank in order to raise the bearing pad. A greater lifting range is available than with bottle jacks, and floor jacks can lift a significant amount of weight. Buying a hydraulic jack is easy with Metro! Contact Metro Hydraulic Jack Company for all of your needs. Our team of experts will help you select the correct size and type of hydraulic jack that will meet all of your lifting needs.

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