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Hydraulic Tool Repair Services

Allowing for reduced noise and less exhaust, lightweight and compact hydraulic power tools are an ideal solution for countless applications. From interior construction work in occupied buildings to large-scale projects in high-power industrial environments, hydraulic tools’ versatility and concentrated power are indispensable to job sites around the world.

hydraulic tool repairAt Metro Hydraulic Jack Co., we’re proud to stock tools from Enerpac, SPX Power Team, and Simplex. We also offer specialty hydraulic tool repair and parts services to support tools for a wide range of industries. We understand that these tools are often some of the largest, most valuable, and most complex items on a job site, and we work to ensure that they run smoothly and efficiently.

Common Hydraulic Tool Problems

Hydraulic tools require careful maintenance, attentive usage, routine adjustments and calibration, and proper accessories to guarantee a long life of reliable, top-quality performance. Some of the most common problems with hydraulic tools include:

Many of the problems listed here can be avoided with routine maintenance, a good oil change regimen, and thorough cleaning. However, regular system operation evaluations can also help to monitor a tool’s performance and extend its life, eliminating problems before they begin.

Since 1941, the Metro Hydraulic team has offered expert diagnostics and hydraulic tool repair services for systems of all sizes. We can assess your tools at our fully equipped on-site shop in Newark, N.J., or bring our services to you.

Industries and Applications

Our professional technicians’ service, repair, and test tools — including custom manufacturing replacement hoses — for a wide variety of industries. Bolting tools, pullers, ring saws and compact saws, post drivers, rock drills, jacks, earth drills, flow dividers, portable power packs, and breakers are just some of the tools we work on for the following industries:

Custom Hydraulic Tool Repair Services at Metro Hydraulic Jack Co.

Working closely with your team from start to finish, Metro Hydraulic will fully evaluate and repair your hydraulic tools. We expertly dismantle and assess every part of a machine and test its final performance for full quality to guarantee that you’re ready to get back to work.

Our 20,000-square-foot home facility offers a complete testing facility, hydraulic repair shop, machine shop, custom hose manufacturing, and vast on-site inventory of hydraulic parts. We work to enhance the life and performance of your hydraulic tools, with a shorter turnaround and better cost savings than a replacement.

Our engineers are experts in repair and maintenance for hydraulic tools, cylinders, jacks, and pumps of all kinds. Reach out to Metro Hydraulic today to learn more about our full host of hydraulic design, parts, and repair services, and discuss how our hydraulic tool repair services can help with your next project.

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For over 70 years, Metro Hydraulic Jack Company, a third-generation, family-owned and operated business, has been providing industrial hydraulic parts and equipment services to commercial, automotive, marine, refuse, and construction industries.


As a leading U.S. sales and service center, we provide an unmatched customer experience and create long-lasting professional relationships with our clients.


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