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Hydraulic Pumps

Hydraulic pumps use mechanical energy to generate fluid power energy. As most hydraulic pumps employ positive displacement principles, they deliver the same amount of fluid with each pump cycle. Simplex Hydraulic Pumps These pumping devices establish fluid flow based on the power of the pump, the resistance of the liquid, and restrictions constructed within the system. They induce movement at two main locations: the inlet valve and the outlet valve. At the inlet valve, hydraulic pumps create a vacuum that pulls the fluid through the valve. Then, or at the same time, the pump forces the fluid through its outlet valve and into the fluid system. While different types of hydraulic pumps use different power sources and degrees of force, in general, they drive the movement of fluid through these two key actions. At Metro Hydraulic Jack Co., we are a leading distributor of hydraulic pumps to commercial and industrial facilities around the world. Our hydraulic pumps come from well-known pump manufacturers, such as Enerpac, Power Team, and Simplex.

Types of Hydraulic Pumps

Hydraulic systems rely on hydraulic pumps to provide predictable and controlled fluid movement. As pumps are an integral component of these systems and their operations, facility managers need to ensure theirs are optimally matched to the specifications of the fluid application. While there is a wide range of hydraulic pumps available, each of which varies in type and brand, at Metro Hydraulic, we distribute the following:

Air Pumps

Hydraulic air pumps use air pressure to drive the hydraulic mechanism. Different models can generate high levels of PSI to move viscous or resistant fluids through large systems. Typical applications include delivering hydraulic power to shop presses and automotive equipment.

Battery Pumps

Hydraulic battery pumps use batteries to generate hydraulic force. As the initial power has already been stored, operators can easily use these pumps when there’s no access to conventional power sources. Applications include providing hydraulic power for forestry equipment in remote locations and off-road vehicles.

Cordless Pumps

These pumps provide hydraulic power without being restricted by a cord, making them ideal for use in remote locations or high-traffic industrial areas. Applications include providing hydraulic power for mining equipment and forestry equipment or in limited-space working environments.

Electric Pumps

Hydraulic electric pumps provide power by using a motor to generate hydraulic force. Operators can use this equipment in remote or mobile locations. Applications include providing power to construction equipment, buses, and material handling equipment. Hydraulic Pumps from Enerpac

Gas Pumps

Hydraulic gas pumps feature a gas-powered engine that generates the force necessary to power the pump. Applications include field services that need portable power sources such as on mobile machinery like excavators and cranes.

Hand Pumps

Hydraulic hand pumps provide lower levels of power. They are lightweight, manually powered, and compact. Operators can use hand pumps to test equipment, finetune machinery, or provide fluid movement in locations where conventional power sources are unavailable.

An Introductory Guide to Pump Selection

When you’re selecting a hydraulic pump, it’s essential to consider the unique needs of your system and facility. Some of the most critical factors to consider are: If you’re not sure what type of hydraulic pump is the best fit for your facility, contact our team at Metro Hydraulic. We specialize in distributing new, standard and specialty hydraulic pumps from a variety of leading manufacturers. Our team of hydraulic pump and fluid experts can help you choose the right hydraulic pump and pump components for your facility’s needs.    

Quality Pumps From Metro Hydraulic Jack Co.

If your facility needs fluid system parts or hydraulic pumps, Metro Hydraulic is here to help. We’re a one-stop-shop that supplies high-quality brand name pump parts and equipment that your facility can trust. We carry pumps of varying power sources and specifications to meet the needs of all industrial facilities. To learn more about our product offerings or services, such as hydraulic pump repairs, contact our team today. Request a quote to place your order.