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Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders are powerful devices that generate mechanical force for use in a wide range of industries. In industrial applications, these actuating devices employ pressurized hydraulic fluid and directional strokes to push and pull or lower and lift equipment and materials. Depending on the requirements and restrictions of the application, companies utilize different types of hydraulic cylinders that use slightly different mechanisms to generate the force required for the job.

Regardless of the application, due to their often critical function, these actuating components must demonstrate high performance and reliability. For industry professionals, these requirements necessitate purchasing and employing high-quality hydraulic cylinders from a trusted and experienced manufacturer.

At Metro Hydraulic Jack Co., we have offered quality products and services since 1941. Our extensive product catalog includes single-acting and double-acting hydraulic cylinders, as well as lock nut and high-tonnage cylinders

Industrial Applications of Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders are ideal for generating directional force for countless industrial applications. At Metro Hydraulic, the hydraulic cylinders we offer are most often used in construction equipment, manufacturing settings, and other heavy-duty applications where extremely heavy loads must be lifted or pushed.

Some of the industries which most commonly use hydraulic cylinders are:

  • Aerospace. Hydraulic cylinders provide power for landing gears and wing flaps. Both light and heavy aircraft used hydraulic systems to extend and retract these parts smoothly in spite of air resistance and pressure.
  • Agriculture. Harvesters, loaders, tractors, and other agricultural machinery use hydraulic cylinders to lift and lower heavy loads. Hydraulic systems are also used to facilitate consistent liquid flow and chemical application in spraying equipment.
  • Automotive. Car manufacturing plants use heavy-duty hydraulic systems to lift heavy parts into position for assembly. They are also used in conveyors and other material handling systems.
  • Construction. In the construction industry, hydraulics enable the flow of viscous liquids for consistent fluid output and fine-tuned control. Hydraulic cylinders find use in equipment such as bulldozers, dump trucks, excavators, and forklifts.
  • General manufacturing and industry. Hydraulic presses, conveyance equipment, and lifts all use hydraulic cylinders to power their motion. As industrial hydraulic cylinders often demonstrate superior durability, they reduce the risk of unscheduled downtime.
  • Material handling and lifting. Platforms and lifts use hydraulic systems as stable sources of lifting power that won’t fail and which provide fine-tuned control over lowering and lifting operations.
  • Oil and gas. One of the biggest uses of hydraulic cylinders in the oil and gas industry is in drill rigs. These machines use hydraulics to stay in place. For example, jack-up rigs use hydraulics to remain anchored below sea level. Floating drill vessels used in deeper waters have motion compensator systems that use hydraulics to counter the motion caused by waves.
  • Waste management and recycling. These industries use hydraulic systems to lift large containers of collected waste items. Hydraulics also provide the force for compressing scrap metal and rubbish into dense blocks of material, both at landfill stations and in garbage trucks.

Types of Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders are available in a wide range of designs, configurations, and sizes to suit varying industrial applications. Despite this design and construction flexibility, virtually every hydraulic cylinder employs the same basic principles. The main construction of a hydraulic cylinder includes a barrel, a piston with sliding rings and seals, and a piston rod. Differences in the construction are present in single-acting, double-acting, single-rod, and double-rod variations.

At Metro Hydraulic, we provide a broad selection of hydraulic cylinders so our customers can find one that meets their exact needs. Depending on the specifications of the application, one type of hydraulic cylinder may be better suited than all of the rest. The types available include:

Single-Acting Cylinders

Single-acting cylinders function with one side of the piston being acted on by hydraulic or other pressurized fluid, while the fluid alternates action on both sides of the piston in a double-acting cylinder.

Double-Acting Cylinders

If the cylinder is double-acting with a double-rod design, the piston’s head is equally covered by a rod on each side with no force difference. This design requires less operator force to produce a push or a lift than a cylinder with a double-acting, single-rod design.

Spring-Return Cylinders

Spring-return cylinders—also referred to as load-return cylinders—employ springs to facilitate extension or retraction and ensure they return to their normal position. This mechanism provides a failsafe in the event that hydraulic power is lost and ensures a clean start at the beginning of every cycle. The springs can be installed within the cylinder chamber, attached outside the cylinder body, or linked to the cylinder.

Tie-Rod Cylinders

These hydraulic cylinders feature threaded steel rods that fasten the end caps of the cylinder barrels in place. Integrating multiple steel rods provides an even stronger hold. If maintenance and repair are required, the ties can be easily removed and replaced.

Lock Nut Cylinders

Mechanical lock nuts are additional features that allow hydraulic cylinders to hold loads for long periods without fluctuation or power loss. Lock nuts are mechanical parts that don’t require additional energy output.

High-Tonnage Cylinders

These hydraulic cylinders are designed for lifting and lowering greater loads. They typically feature mechanisms that protect the hydraulic system from failure, such as lock nuts or stop rings.

Hollow Cylinders

Hollow plunger cylinders are suitable for testing and tensioning applications due to their versatility and lighter weight. They exhibit smooth push/pull force generation and durability.

Our Hydraulic Cylinder Selection

At Metro Hydraulic, we understand the importance of being able to trust in your equipment, so we source our hydraulic equipment and parts—including our hydraulic cylinders—from reputable manufacturers. Our manufacturing partners for our hydraulic cylinder offerings are:


As a global market leader, Enerpac manufactures hydraulic tools that are trusted to handle the heaviest loads safely and precisely. Doing business since 1910, Enerpac hydraulic cylinder products provide long-lasting value and dependability.

Access their quality products—such as their RC-Series single-acting cylinders, CLSG-Series high-tonnage cylinders, and more—through our extensive online catalog.

SPX Power Team

SPX Power Team maintains quality in all stages of production, from design to manufacturing to service. Their commitment to innovation ensures their cylinders meet even the most demanding needs. Industries like automotive, industrial, mining, and construction turn to Power Team hydraulic cylinder products for their durability.

We make finding SPX products easy—find everything from cylinders and jacks to pumps and valves in our catalog.


Customers get more than 100 years of experience behind every Simplex hydraulic cylinder product. Their cylinders offer customers confidence in their high-pressure hydraulic applications.

At Metro Hydraulic, we offer an expansive selection of Simplex tools. Check out our online inventory or contact one of our sales representatives today!


Hercules has provided quality cylinders for over 50 years. Every cylinder is designed with longevity in mind and comes with a guaranteed satisfaction seal.

Our Hercules hydraulic cylinder selection offers something for everyone—from single-acting and double-acting cylinders to their heavy-duty Series 3300 power units. Browse our online catalog for the perfect product today!


Milwaukee’s products provide integrated solutions for design and manufacturing. Their extensive product line offers customers the highest levels of performance and reliability.

We carry a wide range of Milwaukee hydraulic cylinders to fit all your needs—from light-duty, low-pressure models to heavy-duty applications. Choose from our online catalog for the perfect cylinder today!


Cunningham is a leading manufacturer of custom-designed, high-quality cylinders. Their products are known for their dependability and durability in the toughest conditions.

Find Cunningham hydraulic cylinders from our online catalog—and if you’re looking for something specific, just ask! We can find it for you or customize any cylinder to your exact needs.

Hydraulic Cylinders for Sale by Metro Hydraulic

Hydraulic cylinders provide power and force for lifting, lowering, pushing, and pulling applications throughout virtually every industrial sector. Their role in these applications demands the use of high-quality components so that industry professionals can be assured of their reliability and performance.

At Metro Hydraulic, we only carry the highest-quality products from the most trusted hydraulic cylinder manufacturers, including Enerpac, SPX Power Team, and Simplex. Our company is a leading provider of hydraulic parts and services, and our inventory is ever-growing.

If you have any questions or would like additional information regarding any of our product offerings, contact us today.

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