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Simplex Hydraulic Positioning and Lifting Products

Since 1899, Simplex has been the leading manufacturer of mechanical jacks and high-pressure hydraulic equipment.

Living up to its name, Simplex makes it simple to tackle large-scale industrial challenges by developing equipment designed to handle loads up to 1,500 tons. Its products are commonly found across the mining, construction, manufacturing, fabricating, energy, power generation, and shipbuilding industries on a global scale.

Using the latest CMM quality control technology, Simplex manufactures products that exceed the ANSI/ASME B30.1 safety standards.

Simplex Parts

Hydraulic Nut Splitters

Designed with a head shape that fits all API and ANSI flanges, the versatile Simplex nut splitters are available in 7 size options. By carefully cutting the nut so as to only detach the head without affecting the other areas of the bolt or stud, Simplex splitters can cut nuts up to grade 8 and 2H (ASTM A194/2H) with Brinell hardness level between 248-325.

Hydraulic Spreaders

Spreaders are the perfect choice for jobs with minimal available clearance. One of Simplex’s most versatile spreading tools, the SF5 spreader offers 5 tons of spreading force with a 13-inch starting clearance.

Single Acting Portable Punches

Simplex 35 Ton Single-Acting Portable Punches come with a mounted motor control handle (included with SPH35A), providing unmatched user safety during operation.

Simplex Cylinders

RFS Steel Cylinders

Simplex Steel RFS Series Cylinders provide the ideal fit and force required for most bridge lifting and pier cap maintenance jobs. High strength with chrome plated pistons, the parts resist corrosion because the piston rod automatically extends when the load is applied. There is no need for a rod cap when using Simplex cylinders as the rod wiper protects the piston. Constructed with performance Nitride/QPQ corrosion-resistant technology, the cylinders last for a long time despite working with varying load sizes.

Aluminum Cylinders RAS Series

Fifty percent lighter than their steel counterparts, RAS Aluminum Cylinders are strong enough to handle heavy duty loads thanks to their fully retracting springs. They also have a large bearing exterior for side loads. Similar to the steel cylinders, aluminum cylinders have a rod wiper to protect the inner cylinder from dirt and other contaminants and use stop rings to prevent piston blow-out.

RAS Series Cylinders operate at a maximum pressure of 2-10 inches, stroke range of 30-150 tons, and 10,000 PSI. Other aluminum cylinders include the RAL Series – Locknut Spring Return, RAC Series – Single Acting Center Hole, S/A Center Hole RAC Series 30-60 Tons, and RACD Series 30-150 Tons.

Simplex Electric Power Pumps

G1 Series Electric Pump

A two-speed pump driven by an 115V – 60HZ, .5 HP universal motor running at 14,640 RPM, the G1 Series Electric Pump draws 10 amps at full load and features a low startup voltage.

G3 Series Electric Pump

Powered by an 115V – 60Hz, 1.13 HP universal motor at 21,000 RPM, the G3 Electric Pump is slightly stronger than the G1 as it draws 16 amps at full load. Designed with 1.5-20 gallon reservoirs and a 15′ remote power controlled pendant, it is the perfect pump for both medium and large applications.

G4 Series Electric Pump

Similar to the other G-Series Electric Pumps, the G4 has a reservoir capacity of 1.5-20 gallons at 10,000 PSI. It is a two-stage routine pump with a maximum flow of 55 in³/minute. Ideal for medium-sized cylinders, the G4 Electric Pump is available in a 230V model.

G5 Series Electric Pump

This high-performance pump runs on an 115V – 60Hz, 1.5 HP permanent magnet motor (3,000 RPM). Its reservoir, like the other G-series electric pumps, holds 1.5-20 gallons. Offering a low startup voltage and drawing 18 amps at full load, the G5 Electric Pump is best used on medium-or large-sized hydraulic cylinder or tool.

G6 Series Electric Pump

With the largest reservoir capacity of the G-series, the G6 Electric Pump reserves 5-40 gallons and operates at a maximum pressure of 100 in³/minute. It runs quietly at only 80dba. Powered by a multi-voltage, 3 phase, 3 HP AC motor at 3,450 RPM, its low startup voltage draws 9.5 amps (230V) at full load. This easy-to-use pump is a great fit for production and multi-cylinder lift systems.

Air Power Pumps

G5 Air Power Pump

Controlled by a rotary air vane, 3 HP motor at 3,000 RPM and fitted with an air muffler and filter-lubricator assembly, the G5 Air Power Pump is perfect for use with medium-sized hydraulic cylinders and tools. It has a reservoir capacity of 1.5-20 gallons and operates at a maximum pressure of 55 in³/minute and 10,000 PSI.

Compact Air Foot Pump

This portable foot-controlled pump is great for pressing, shop tool applications, and production as it produces 11 in³/minute at 10,000 PSI.

Gas Power Pumps

G4 Series Gas Power Pump

Powered by a 127 CC Briggs & Stratton gas motor, the G4 Series Gas Power Pump delivers fast cycles at 50 in³/minute at 10,000 PSI. Well suited for medium- and large-sized cylinders and tools, its reservoirs hold between 1.5-20 gallons.

G6 Series Gas Power Pump

The G6 Series is powered by a 163 CC Honda gas motor and was specifically designed for quick cycle equipment operation. Its reservoirs are available in 2.5-20 gallons and will flow at a maximum pressure of 100 in³/minute and at 10,000 PSI. The pump is welded into a steel design to work well with both medium and large hydraulic cylinders and tools.

Simplex Jacks

Simplex offers three major types of jacks: hand lifting jacks, heavy duty toe jacks, and airlifting jacks. While each is designed to lift, they are intended for use in different applications.

Hydraulic Hand Jacks

Simplex hand jacks, used for material maintenance and handling, are frequently found at construction sites, factories, mines, oil fields, and other industrial sites. They have a capacity of up to 100 tons.

Hydraulic Toe Jacks

Hydraulic toe jacks from Simplex are the solution to low lifting problems. Offering capacities between 2 and 10 tons, there are a variety of toe jacks from which to choose.

Lifting Jacks

Simplex lifting bags easily raise the toughest loads that are too hard for most conventional jacks. They are ideal for industrial applications with uniquely challenging lifting scenarios and are often used in railroad construction projects.

Simplex Distributors & Repair Centers

With distribution and repair centers all over the world, Simplex makes it quick and straightforward to find get the information and products you need when you need them. The brand makes customer communication easier than ever through its interactive website; the site provides instant answers for frequently asked questions and offers online training for all Simplex products.

For more information on Simplex products distributed by Metro Hydraulic Jack Co., or to work with a member of our engineering team to develop a solution for your mechanical jack or high-pressure hydraulic equipment issue, contact our team.

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