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SPX FLOW: A Pump Selection Guide

Hydraulic pumps create hydraulic energy from mechanical energy. Because most pumps operate on positive displacement, they deliver a set amount of fluid with every pump. Fluid flow varies according to the pump’s power capability, fluid resistance, and system restrictions. When chosen correctly, a hydraulic pump lasts a long time and performs optimally in its application. SPX FLOW hydraulic pumps can suit a diverse range of environments, including water treatment, shipbuilding, automotive, food and beverage, and horticulture. We carry a selection of both centrifugal and positive displacement pump models to fit your facility.

Types of SPX Pumps

At Metro Hydraulic Jack, we carry these types of pumps from SPX FLOW.

Air Pumps

Air pumps use air pressure to drive the hydraulic mechanism. We carry both single-acting and double-acting models, which deliver different levels of pressure for automotive applications. The single-acting pump operates at 40-100 PSI, while the double-acting pump operates at 10,000 PSI.

Battery/Electric Pumps

These pumps use batteries to generate hydraulic force. With stored power, you can easily use these pumps without access to conventional power sources. SPX FLOW battery pumps can run at pressures between 3,000-5,000 PSI. Use these products to provide hydraulic power for forestry equipment in remote locations and off-road vehicles.

Cylinder Pumps

We carry cylinder pumps with four different types of pump technologies, which all come with standard gauge mounting adapters and couplers. These pumps can accommodate short, medium, and long strokes.

Gas Pumps

These feature a gas-powered engine that generates the force necessary to power the pump. SPX FLOW gasoline pumps have a reservoir with 375 cubic inches of oil and a check valve to prevent pressure loss. Applications include field services that need portable power sources, such as mobile excavators and cranes.

Hand Pumps

Hand pumps are lightweight, manually powered, and compact. You can use them to fine-tune machinery, test equipment, or provide fluid movement in locations without conventional power sources. SPX FLOW hand pumps have a relief valve to prevent leaks and overpressurization.

SPX Pump Capabilities

SPX FLOW pumps enhance the capabilities of standard hydraulic pumps. They feature ultra-modern designs and capabilities, including:

SPX Pump Industry Applications

SPX pumps are versatile hydraulic pumps suitable for a wide range of applications. The most common industries include:

SPX Pump Selection From Metro Hydraulic Jack

SPX hydraulic pumps have been designed with versatility and efficiency in mind. They can streamline your production process regardless of your industry. If your facility needs hydraulic pumps or fluid system parts, Metro Hydraulic Jack is here to help. As a one-stop shop for hydraulic systems and accessories, we supply high-quality SPX FLOW pump components you can trust. The pumps feature different power sources and specifications to meet the unique needs of your industrial facility. Contact our team today to learn more about our products and services, such as hydraulic pump repairs. Request a quote to start your order.

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