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Lubrication Equipment

A factory requires a lot of equipment to run smoothly, such as a superior lubrication system. Without it, metal-on-metal grinding would quickly wear your machinery down. At Metro Hydraulic, we carry extensive lubrication systems that will suit your needs. We have everything from oil pumps to lubrication guns so that you can find the ideal system for your application.

Our experts will help you choose the right equipment and provide tips on how to use it. We’ll also help you choose the proper fluid for your system to function optimally. Whether you prefer the Power Team hydraulic oil or Simplex hydraulic oil for maximum lubricity from Enerpac, rest assured our product selection has everything for everyone, beginner and experienced users alike.

What is lubrification equipment? 

Lubricant or fluids is distributed to moving parts of machines using lubrication systems. For instance, the Enerpac hydraulic oil is appropriately dispersed in a hydraulic system due to its high viscosity index to achieve optimal performance while extending its service life.

Overall, these fluids can reduce wear, heat generation, and premature failure of machinery elements. It can also decrease friction between sliding and rolling components such as gears, spindles, bearings, chains, dies, screws, cylinders, valves, and cables.

Also, choosing well-suited accessories for your lubrication equipment can prevent thermal expansion while functioning as a coolant. For example, hydraulic systems rely on hydraulic oils since it doesn’t only act as a lubricant, but it’s also a transmission medium and sealant. It has multiple functions that can enhance the system’s capacity while ensuring its efficiency.

Benefits of lubrification equipment 

These are the benefits that our lubrication equipment offers you:

  • Improved Efficiency:  One of the primary benefits of lubrication equipment is that it can enhance your machinery’s effectiveness. When adequately lubricated with quality oil, such as refinery-filtered hydraulic oil from Greenlee, machinery can run more smoothly and with less friction. It naturally minimizes wear and tear on the machinery while improving its overall performance.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs: Another benefit of lubrication equipment is that it can lower maintenance costs. When lubricated, the probability of machinery breaking down or requiring repairs is lower. You’ll have substantial savings since there’s no need for costly repairs or replacements. Even if your machinery breaks down, it will be easier and less expensive to repair if properly lubricated.
  • Increased Lifespan: Besides reducing maintenance costs, lubrication equipment accessories can help improve your machinery’s lifespan. When you use a lubricant that works over varying operating temperatures, such as the Stanley hydraulic oil, the machinery becomes more durable, which adds more value to your investment.
  • Improved Safety: Lubrication equipment can also help improve workplace safety. Lubricated machinery lessens the likelihood that it will malfunction or cause an accident, creating a safer working environment since the chances of injuries at work are prevented.

Our lubrification services 

Metro Hydraulic sells and repairs a wide range of major brands. Our complete range of lubrication equipment is competitively priced and of the highest quality. We offer the following services: 

  • Selling new equipment, service parts, and accessories 
  • Providing expert repair services 
  • Machines for hydraulic jacks 
  • Specifications of the product 
  • A design and layout for a garage 
  • installing within our geographical region 

The capacity of our lubrification equipment and accessories 

Aside from our equipment and services, Metro Hydraulic also offers the following capacities and lubrification equipment accessories for your needs: 

  • Pumps for low, medium, and high pressures 
  • A reel for hoses 
  • Valve & meter control 
  • Pump greasers and power lubricators 
  • Used Fluid Handling Equipment 
  • Lubricators, filters, and regulators 
  • Equipment and accessories for portable and hand-held lubrication 
  • Systems for inventory management of products 

Metro Hydraulic sells & repairs most major brands. We have a complete product line of competitively priced, quality lubrication equipment. Some of our services include:

  • New Equipment & Service Parts Sales
  • Expert Repair Service
  • Hydraulic Jack Equipment
  • Product Specification
  • Garage Design and Layout
  • Installation (Limited to our geographic area)


  • Pumps – Low-Medium-High Pressure
  • Hose Reels
  • Control Valves & Meters
  • Grease pumps & Power Lubers
  • Used Fluid Handling Equipment
  • Filters, Regulators & Lubricators
  • Portable & Hand Held Lubrication Equipment & Accessories
  • Product Inventory Systems



A full line manufacturer specializing in the Vehicle and Heavy Equipment service industry. They have a complete line of fluid dispensing systems for car/truck shops, municipalities, transit garages, quick oil change, transportation, construction & lube truck applications.
Lincoln Lubrication Equipment (PDF – 14700KB)


A full line manufacturer with a wide variety of systems & products for fluid handling applications. Typical customers include Dealerships, Garage & Service Centers, Heavy Duty Truck Shops, Fleet Maintenance, Municipalities and Industrial applications.
Graco Lubrication Equipment (PDF – 6610KB)


Manufacturers of fittings, grease guns, pumps, centralized lubrication systems, reels, control valves & meters, compressed air components, fluid management, used fluid handling equipment & accessories.
Alemite Product Catalog (PDF – 20100KB)

John Dow

Manufacturer of specialized fluid handling equipment, used oil storage systems, Lubrication equipment, Oil filter crusher, hose reels, general shop equipment.
Crew Chief Used Oil Handling catalog (PDF – 1120KB)
JohnDow Fluid Handling Catalog – 2007 (PDF – 7470KB)
Fuel Chief Portable Fuel Storage & Handling catalog (PDF – 1158KB)
JohnDow Auto Equip Catalog (PDF – 708KB)

Fuel Chief

Portable Fuel storage & handling.


Portable exhaust extraction.
EuroVent Portable Exhaust extraction (PDF – 808KB)


Manufacturer of a broad range of hose reels, cord reels & cable reels for automotive, industrial & professional applications.
Reelcraft Catalog (PDF – 10149KB)

Containment Solutions

Above ground standard & custom steel tanks.

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We keep your machines running smoothly 

Lubrication equipment and fluids are essential for many industrial and commercial purposes. The right type of lubrication system can help you mitigate wear on your machinery, keep your workers safe, and improve the productivity of your operations.

Contact us today if you’re looking for a reliable supplier of quality lubrication equipment. Metro Hydraulic would happily provide you with a quote for the products that fit your needs.

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