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Industrial Applications of Hydraulic Jacks

Hydraulic jacks are versatile lifting devices that find application across a wide range of industries. By employing the principles of fluid dynamics, these devices generate large amounts of lift to raise or lower anything from patient beds to large trucks. Within the industrial sector, two of the most common types of hydraulic jacks employed include:

Available in a variety of styles and sizes, hydraulic jacks are suitable for numerous industrial applications. However, choosing the optimal jack for an application involves considering several critical design factors, including clearance, lift height, and capacity. With nearly 80 years of experience working with jacks, Metro Hydraulic Jack Co. has the knowledge and skills to help our customers find the best hydraulic jack for their application.

Industrial Applications

Overview of Hydraulic Jacks Some of the top industries for which hydraulic jacks are employed include:

Quality Hydraulic Equipment

As outlined above, hydraulic jacks find application throughout industry. However, for these lifting devices to perform their functions as intended, they require durable, high-quality construction and adequate maintenance. At Metro Hydraulic, we fully recognize this need and have dedicated almost eight decades to distributing and maintaining the finest industrial hydraulic jacks and equipment. Today, our standard jack offerings include:

Aluminum Jacks

Our range of Enerpac aluminum jacks has lifting capacities ranging from 7 tons to 150 tons, and stroke ranges from 3 inches to 6.13 inches. Additionally, each model features chrome-plated plungers, a pumping handle, flat front and bottom surfaces for flush alignment in corners, and an integrated relief valve to prevent overloading. Our lower-capacity models (7–35 tons) also allow for all-directional operation.

Premium Steel Jacks

Our premium steel jacks are available in three different models with lifting capacities of 30, 50, and 100 tons and maximum strokes of 6.13 inches, 6.09 inches, and 6.06 inches, respectively. Similar to our aluminum jacks, these jacks offer premium construction and protective mechanisms, except they are made of durable steel.

Self-Locking Cube Jacks

Our self-locking cube jacks feature a compact and portable design that allows for incremental lifting and lowering of heavy loads. As these lifting devices automatically lock after each stroke, they allow for greater ease of use. They have starting heights of 19.4 inches and offer a maximum jacking height of 81.5 inches.

Hand Jacks

Our Simplex hand jacks are available in 11 models, each of which features a drop forged base, durable welded construction, grooved saddles to prevent load slippage, and over travel protection mechanisms. They are available with maximum lifting capacities ranging from 2 to 100 tons and maximum strokes ranging from 2.44 to 5.91 inches. Some models are also available with screw extensions and are suitable for very low clearances.

Toe Jacks

Our most compact line, Simplex toe jacks feature a self-contained or remote design for greater portability and suitability for tight clearances. All models are designed for easy operation, such as low handle effort and weight, and are available with lifting capacities ranging from 2 to 10 tons and maximum stroke ranges of 4.53 to 9 inches.

The One-Stop Shop for Your Industrial Hydraulic Needs

At Metro Hydraulic, we are more than a hydraulic jack distributor. In addition to our hydraulic jack equipment offerings, we provide the following products and services to our customers:

Hydraulic Jack Repair Services

Hydraulic jacks are designed and built to withstand demanding operational environments. However, occasionally, they require maintenance and repair to maintain optimal performance. At Metro Hydraulic, our expert team has the skills and knowledge to diagnose and repair any hydraulic component problem. We’ll work with your facility’s constraints to identify the ideal solution, provide standard replacement parts (or manufacture custom components), and perform the necessary repairs. Regardless of if you need a repair, rebuild, or replacement solution, our team will have your jack equipment up and running quickly and efficiently.

Mechanical Jacks

Although hydraulic jacks are widely used throughout industry, certain applications are better suited to mechanical jacks, especially applications in which safety is paramount. For that reason, we offer a selection of mechanical jacks, including planer jacks, reel jacks, screw jacks, and spreader jacks.

Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders are essential components in heavy-duty industrial applications such as manufacturing or construction jobs involving high-tonnage loads. We carry an extensive catalog of leading hydraulic cylinder brands to accommodate customers with these needs. Our inventory of hydraulic cylinders includes single-acting, double-acting, lock nut, and high-tonnage cylinders.

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair Services

To support customers of our hydraulic cylinders, we also offer hydraulic cylinder repair, reconditioning, and rebuild services. Our comprehensive diagnostic and inspection procedures—combined with our experience and cutting-edge facility—allow us to develop solutions for any hydraulic cylinder issue, from routine maintenance to complete overhauls.

Request Your Hydraulic Equipment With Metro

Hydraulic equipment, such as hydraulic jacks and cylinders, are an integral part of many industrial lifting applications. They are available in several different types with varying lifting capacities, stroke ranges, and other functional characteristics. As an industry-leading sales and service center for hydraulic equipment, Metro Hydraulics understands the importance of these lifting devices. We draw clients from all areas of industry and offer them a full range of services from distribution to custom system design to maintenance and repair. To learn more about our product and service offerings, contact us, or request a free quote today.

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