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SPX FLOW Power Team High-Force Hydraulic Products

Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, SPX FLOW manufactures highly specialized engineering products and innovative technologies to support the world’s best innovations in the electricity, construction, processed foods, and beverage markets.

SPX Power Team logoSince its founding in 1924, SPX FLOW has established its reputation for engineering problem solving through technological advances and creative approaches to industrial challenges. Now a global industrial leader with operations in 35 countries, SPX FLOW has over 8,000 employees manufacturing professional grade systems and tools to strict ISO 9001 manufacturing processes covered by its Powerthon™ Lifetime Warranty.

Power Team Hydraulic Pumps

When using Power Team pumps, it is critical to select the right pump for a particular application. Below is a guide to SPX FLOW pumps and their distinct functions.

Hand Pumps

Ideal for applications requiring little movement, SPX hand pumps feature a sloping fill port and a built-in “relief valve” protection system to protect from oil leaks and over-pressurization of the reservoir caused by high pressure. This style of pump is available in two speed or single hydraulic varieties.

Cylinder Pumps

Available with four different pump technologies, cylinder pumps can be utilized across a range of applications. Manufactured with couplers and a gauge mounting adapter as standard, these pumps can be used with short, medium, or long strokes.

Air Pumps

While there are a number of air pump options available, the most common are the Hydraulic PA6 Series Single-Acting and the Hydraulic PA6D Series Double-Acting.

Well suited for manufacturers specializing in the automotive industry, these two air pumps are very similar with the exception of their air pressure ranges; while the Single-Acting operates between 40-100 PSI, the Double-Acting air pump operates at 10,000 PSI.

Other air pump options include the PUA & PMA Series, PA46/55 Series, Hydraulic PA17 Series, Hydraulic PA50 Series, Hydraulic PA60 Series, and Hydraulic PA9 Series.

Electric/Battery Pumps

Strong enough to power hydraulic tools and cylinders up to 25 tons, the electric PE10 Series Pump starts easily, even under major load conditions with reduced voltage. The pump is portable, includes an optional rechargeable battery pack, and is available with operating pressures of 3,000 or 5,000 PSI depending on specific application needs.

SPX FLOW also manufactures the hydraulic PE17 Series, PE18 Series, PE21 Series, PE30 Series, PE46 Series, PE55 Vanguard Series, Vanguard Jr. Series, and the PED Series. Additional options are also available.

Gasoline Pumps

With two available options, the PG30/55 Series and the PG120-PG420 Series, SPX FLOW’s gasoline-driven pumps have a posi-check valve to guard against pressure loss and an aluminum reservoir with 375 in³ of oil. The main difference between the pumps is their production rate: the PG30/55 produces 30-55 in³/minute while the PG120-PG420 Series produces 130-420 in³/minute.

SPX Power Team Tools

SPX FLOW offers a diverse range of hydraulic and mechanical tools, clamps, spreaders, ring pliers, portable punches, bead breakers, and many more. A brief overview of the main tool products is outlined below.

Hydraulic Torque Wrenches

Equipped with a small radius, long neck, and short height, torque wrenches can access almost any bolting areas across any application; this makes them a great choice for a diverse range of projects.

Hydraulic Nut Splitter

With a compact size, SPX nut splitters provide a force that can split any tough material across virtually any industry.

Hydraulic C-clamps

Available in 5, 10, and 25 ton capacities, c-clamps are used for general purposes like withstanding the overweight capability of the cylinders.

SPX Power Team Hydraulic Hoses

SPX Power Team hoses are available in polyurethane or non-conductive rubber. All hose guards are made of plastic with the exception of the 1/4″ I.D. polyurethane product, which is available with spring guards.

Non-Conductive Rubber Hose

Made with braided, high-tensile steel wire, the MSHA-approved rubber hose has an oil covering making it weather resistant and a good fit for applications that require electrical isolation. The covering is not perforated, preventing moisture from entering the hose and affecting its overall conductivity. With an outflow factor of fewer than 50 microamperes, it offers a safe level of conductivity according to SAE standards. The hose has a minimum burst pressure of 40,000 psi.

Polyurethane Hose

The SPX FLOW polyurethane hose last seven times longer than standard rubber alternatives. Suitable for continuous service at temperatures ranging from -40° to 150° F, its nylon core tube and polyester fiber material resist bending to extend the lifespan of the product.

Metro Hydraulic: SPX Power Team Distributor

Backed by a lifetime warranty, all SPX FLOW products are guaranteed to last. If you ever experience any problems with your SPX FLOW products, our customer service team is available to repair or replace your products immediately. With Power Team Customer Service Centers strategically located across North America, Europe, and Asia, their staff engineers, service team members, and salespeople are never far away to provide the support you need for your SPX FLOW products.

For more information on SPX FLOW products distributed by Metro Hydraulic Jack Co., or to work with a member of our engineering team to develop a solution to your unique hydraulic challenge, contact us today.

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