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Enerpac: A Leader in Hydraulic Equipment

Enerpac, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality hydraulic pressure tools and other controlled force products, provides solutions for the positioning of heavy objects with precise movement.

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From small hydraulic cylinders to complete computer-operated lifting and positioning systems, Enerpac parts are recognized worldwide for their unparalleled value and enduring reliability. Since becoming the first to invent a computerized lifting system, Enerpac has never stopped developing ways to make life easier for hardworking manufacturers.

While the Enerpac catalog includes thousands of tools designed to reduce operator input while increasing functionality and project impact, we’ve highlighted just a few of their signature products below.

Enerpac Hydraulic Cylinders

Available in hundreds of different stroke, length, and size configurations for use across various industrial projects that involve pushing, lifting, pulling, bending, and holding, Enerpac hydraulic cylinders can handle the force capacity of virtually any application.

RC-Series DUO Cylinders, Single-Acting

Made to be used in various positions, single-acting RC-series cylinders are equipped with heavy-duty pretension springs to increase retraction speed. The strong cylinders also feature sizable collar threads and base mounting holes to enable secure fixing.

Enerpac Lightweight Aluminum Cylinders

These cylinders come equipped with the same elements as the RC-series DUO but are more lightweight, making them easier to carry. Their composite bearing increases cylinder life and durability.

Industry Standard General Purpose Cylinders

Like their name denotes, these devices are used for several purposes. Built with hard-edged removable rigid saddles, RC cylinders use base plates to ensure lifting stability across the 10, 25 and 50 ton models and can be equipped with specialty attachments for use in a broad range of applications.

RRH Series Hollow Plunger Cylinders

Perfect for bridge launching systems, these cylinders have a baked enamel finish for corrosion resistance. CR-400 couplers and dust caps are also included on all models.

Single-Acting, General Purpose Cylinders

These cylinders are backed by GR2 Bearing Technology, a unique bearing design created to absorb abnormal weight distributions in order to protect pistons against scratches, over-extending, plunger blow-outs, jamming, or top-end mushrooming.

Other cylinder options include the RAC-Series, the RACL-Series, Single-Acting Aluminum Cylinders, Single-Acting, Spring Return Cylinders, Aluminum Lock Nut Cylinders, RACH-Series, and Hollow Aluminum Cylinders.

Enerpac Hydraulic Equipment

NS-Series Hydraulic Nut Splitters

Specially designed to suit ANSI B16.5 flanges, these nut-splitters have three sharp cutting blades with an adjustable cutting depth. With a handle for easy movement, grip tape for safe usage, and an internal pressure relief valve in cases of potential overload, these splitters are a careful balance of function and safety.

Pin Type Hydraulic Flange Spreaders

Flange spreaders are sold in sets with a pump, adapter, hose, and tool gauge. Lightweight for easy mobility and friction-free to promote parallel wedge movement, they operate at a maximum pressure of 10,000 PSI with a capacity of 5-10 tons.

Hydraulic Nut Cutters

Responsible for the construction of many railroads around the world, these nut cutters are used to remove nuts during railroad construction and similar heavy-duty projects. Available as sets with a pump, tool, gauge, adapter, and hose, the cutters come with a spare set screw and an extra chisel.

Enerpac Aluminum and Steel Jacks

Constructed of study steel, Enerpac jacks have a maximum operating pressure of 10,000 PSI with a stroke of 3.00 – 6.13 inches and capacity of 7-150 tons . To prevent overloading, the components are fitted with an internal relief valve and come with a pumping handle and chrome plate plungers.

Industrial Bottle Jacks

Similar to a bottle in its appearance, bottle jacks have a wiper seal and low handles to reduce operation fatigue. Built to handle between 2-100 ton loads, the jacks are equipped with a safety relief valve to prevent overloading.

Lifting Jacks

These jacks are ideal for lifting loads up to various heights; utilizing a special extension system, they can raise loads ranging between 100-200 tons. Their 4″ ground clearance even enables them to transport loads on jobs with rough terrain.

Enerpac Hydraulic Pumps & Directional Valves

Enerpac pumps are available in more than 1,000 different shapes and sizes. Designed to provide high-pressure pump speed for intermittent applications or consistently demanding jobs, the pumps come in hand, battery, electric, air, and gasoline powered models.

Environmentally safe and easy to operate in any job setting, Enerpac valves and pumps represent the most comprehensive high-pressure line available.

Enerpac Hydraulic Tools

Enerpac hydraulic tools feature maintenance sets, machine lifts, load skates, hole punches, pipe benders, and cable cutters. These tools are flexible and offer solutions for a variety of applications ranging from cutting, punching, bending, and spreading.

Enerpac Distributors

Enerpac is an industry leader in high-pressure hydraulic solutions, specifically in the construction, shipbuilding, railroads, mining, metal transformation, manufacturing, energy, gas, and oil fields. With 150 sales specialists and engineering support team members across 17 countries, their products are available from select distributors like Metro Hydraulic Jack Co.

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