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Hydraulic Repair Services

Hydraulic Repair Services

Whether working in automotive, industrial, or railroad environments, companies across a wide range of industries depend on hydraulic pumps, motors, cylinders, and valves. In fact, hydraulic pumps offer ten times more power than electric motors at a comparable volume. Compact hydraulic tubes and flexible hoses, meanwhile, generate incredibly high power density for various applications through simple, safe operation.

The team at Metro Hydraulic Jack Co. has been engineering, repairing, and maintaining parts for hydraulic jacks and equipment since 1941. Backed by three generations of experience, we understand the importance of quality repair and components. Whether dealing with custom lubrication systems or production automation, we tailor our hydraulic repair services to suit your specific needs.

Professional Hydraulic Maintenance & Repair

For custom systems, especially, comprehensive cylinder examination and diagnosis will allow for an efficient, effective repair solution – at a significantly lower cost and faster turnaround than replacement. Honing, rebuilding, resealing, and even simple hose replacement can give new life to an old hydraulic system.

A standard piece of heavy equipment or hydraulic-powered machinery may have thousands of individual, sealed connection points – all of which are subject to leaks. If your hydraulic jack system is leaking, failing to produce its required output, or creating a sudden excess of noise, vibration, or heat, it could be due for a life-lengthening inspection and repair.

At Metro Hydraulic, we specialize in cylinder rebuilds, and can even fabricate replacement hoses in a variety of temperature, pressure, and fluid compatibility grades while you wait. We’re proud to offer all our clients a vast inventory of new equipment, service parts, and custom fabrication options. Our professional repair services include:

Industries and Applications Served

Our engineers provide hydraulic repair services for a wide range of industries and applications, including:

  • Railroad track jacks, mechanical jacks, and re-rail equipment
  • Mobile tailgate pumps, cab pumps, and PTO pumps
  • Industrial pallet jacks, stackers, and roller dollies
  • Manufacturing cutters, pumps, motors, and lubrication equipment
  • Material handling solutions including textile trucks, vertical reciprocating conveyors, and scissor lifts
  • Pipe tools, benders, and mechanical jacks on construction sites
  • Snow plow and road management equipment
  • Electrical contractor’s tools and equipment
  • Stud testing systems
  • Pile testers and jacks
  • Lubrication systems
  • Automotive and heavy-duty shop jacks, exhaust systems, lifts, and presses
  • Bridge and structural lifts
  • Tools tailored to gas, electrical, and utilities operations
hydraulic repair services

Custom Hydraulic Repair Services at Metro Hydraulic Jack Co.

As one of the leading sales and service centers in the United States, our team offers top-of-the-line repairs, engineering, and design services at our Newark, NJ, facility. Whether you’re in need of hydraulic pump repair or cylinder repair service, our expert team is here to help. Our 20,000-square-foot facility is home to a large on-site inventory, professional sales offices, complete machine shop, and fully equipped repair shop and testing area.

To learn more about our specialties in cylinder rebuilding and custom fabrication, or to discuss how our hydraulic repair services can help with your next project, reach out to the team today.

Quality Services Since 1941

Our Expertise Our Expertise

For over 70 years, Metro Hydraulic Jack Company, a third-generation, family-owned and operated business, has been providing industrial hydraulic parts and equipment services to commercial, automotive, marine, refuse, and construction industries.


As a leading U.S. sales and service center, we provide an unmatched customer experience and create long-lasting professional relationships with our clients.


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