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Simplex Hydraulic Jacks

Simplex hydraulic jacks are some of the market’s most popular and reliable jacks. They’re known for their affordability, durability, and easy-to-use design. Have you ever considered having a heavy-duty lifting tool for your lifting needs? Read more to know the specific details on what type of hydraulic jack is for your specific lifting needs. Simplex Hydraulic Jacks

What is a Hydraulic Jack?

A hydraulic jack, also known as a hydraulic cylinder or a bottle jack, is a tool for lifting heavy objects using hydraulic pressure. The device uses pressure from pumped fluid to move a piston and lift the object.

Applications Of Hydraulic Jacks

While hydraulic jacks offer convenient and effective lifting power, they must always be used cautiously to prevent accidents. Whether a professional mechanic or a do-it-yourselfer, a Simplex jack is an excellent choice for your heavy-duty lifting needs. Hydraulic jacks are commonly found in automotive garages and construction sites, but they can also be found in more unexpected places, such as dental offices, where they are used to lift patient chairs. They come in various shapes and sizes, with capabilities ranging from lifting small loads to extremely heavy loads of several tons. Using hydraulic fluid, these jacks can lift vehicles or heavy machinery with a small amount of force applied by the user. Hydraulic jacks can lift 10 tons or more with ease.

Different Types Of Simplex Hydraulic Jacks

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a Simplex jack. Decide what capacity you need. Simplex makes jacks ranging from 2-ton to 100-ton capacities. Also, decide what type of jack you need. Simplex offers these heavy-duty hydraulic jacks:
  • Hydraulic Heavy-Duty Toe Jacks
  • Hydraulic Hand Jacks
Consider what features are important to you. Here are the features of each jack that you need to know:

Hydraulic Heavy-Duty Toe Jacks

When it comes to heavy lifting, hydraulic heavy-duty toe jacks are the go-to choice for many industries. These self-contained models offer maximum versatility and can fit into tight clearances thanks to their low toe heights. It also requires less handling effort for easy operation and has a lower weight to prevent back injuries. Simplex toe jacks come equipped with swivel sockets for access in confined spaces and often include lever bars for added convenience. Overall, simplex hydraulic heavy-duty toe jacks provide the perfect solution for easily lifting heavy loads.

Hydraulic Hand Jacks

A hand jack is a tool used for lifting and lowering heavy objects. It has a small build but is a mighty lifting tool. Its compact design makes it perfect for use in tight spaces, while its rugged steel construction can handle up to 100 tons of weight. The large base provides stability, and the multiple-tooth pawls give you peace of mind knowing your load is secure. Its high-strength beam and pump linkage ensure long-term durability. A safety relief valve prevents overload, while all models also have over-travel protection to avoid damage to the object being lifted. Each simplex hand jack also includes a lever bar for easy operation. Whether moving heavy equipment or rearranging furniture, a Simplex hand jack can make the task easier and safer. Simplex offers not only hydraulic jacks but also air jacks and mechanical jacks.

Lifting Jacks

A lifting jack, also known as an airbag or airlifting jack, is used to lift heavy objects using compressed air. These jacks come in a wide variety of safety controllers and can lift single or multiple bag systems. They are also lightweight, easy to set up and operate on standard shop air up to 116 psi. With 11 models available, the lifting capacity ranges from 1.1 to 74.1 tons. Simplex Air lifting jacks provide a safe and efficient way to lift heavy objects in industrial settings.

You can’t go wrong with a Simplex jack

Simplex hydraulic jacks are used in various industries, from automotive repair to construction. If you need a high-quality hydraulic jack, look no further than Metro Hydraulic. We carry a wide selection of hydraulic jacks, perfect for any application. Contact us today, and let us help you find the ideal hydraulic jack for your needs.
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