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How Hydraulic Systems Power Waste Management Operations

Many industries rely on the effective use of hydraulic power tools to build, maintain, and repair their structures and appliances. Hydraulic power tools see use in a diverse range of industries, which include:
  • Construction
  • Utilities
  • Transportation
  • Railroads
  • Automotive and aerospace manufacturing
Recently, tools powered by hydraulic processes have seen an explosion in use by waste management professionals. These tools generate fewer emissions than similar, nonhydraulic processes, and they more efficiently perform the lifting and compression tasks central to the waste management field. Consequently, more and more waste management companies are switching to the use of hydraulic tools for their applications.

Powerful Waste Removal Applications

Hydraulic systems can easily perform tasks that are otherwise impossible with other forms of power transmission. The waste and recycling industry presents several opportunities for hydraulic tools to outshine their competition. Many hydraulic tools form parts of greater hydraulic hybrid systems. These systems often act as the primary power source for waste removal vehicles like:
  • Garbage trucks: Hydraulic systems make it easier for garbage trucks to load and transport solid waste. Hydraulic systems also appear at dumpsites and landfills to lift and dump garbage.
  • Trash compactors: High-efficiency motors drive hydraulic systems in compactors, which take advantage of their superior compression abilities to create more space-efficient waste.
  • Street sweepers: Hydraulic systems to power motors to rotate street sweeper brushes. Hydraulic systems also create atomized mists of high-pressure water, which use less water than other types of power washing tools.

Why Choose Hydraulic Hybrid Systems?

Hydraulic hybrid systems assist in a variety of problems faced by waste management and disposal professionals. They can capture as much as 70% of the kinetic energy released by their regenerative braking systems, which store and release hydraulic energy.

How Hydraulic Hybrid Systems Work

In a hydraulic hybrid system, one pump is powered by a truck’s engine to pressurize the system. The remaining two pumps connect with one rear wheel each, which enables them to capture braking energy and use this stored energy to accelerate the vehicle later on. Special components called accumulators are responsible for the actual capture and release of braking energy. When a truck driver depresses the brake pedal, the two pumps connected with the rear wheels convert the moving truck’s kinetic energy into hydraulic power. The conversion process causes the truck to decelerate, and the resulting hydraulic energy is stored in the accumulators for later use. When the accelerator pedal is depressed, hydraulic energy is released from the accumulators to propel the truck forward.


Using a hydraulic hybrid system in waste management and disposal applications comes with many benefits, which include:
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduced wear and tear on the engine
  • Extended brake life
  • Reduction in noise levels
  • Brake recovery energy capabilities
  • Fuel savings

Ready to Order Your Hydraulic Tool?

Let’s face it—waste removal applications are rough on every system, including hydraulics. That’s why you should partner with a certified hydraulics expert when you’re updating your equipment. Metro Hydraulic Jack Co. is one of America’s premier hydraulic cylinder suppliers. We’ve repaired and distributed cylinders and other hydraulic tools to waste management businesses across the country, and our products take part in many of the daily applications essential to this field. From hydraulic cylinders and pumps to hydraulic valves and jacks, Metro Hydraulic has a proven track record in designing the most optimal equipment for your needs. If you would like to learn more about how partnering with our team will improve your waste processing capabilities, contact us today.
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