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Advantages and Applications of Stanley Hydraulic Tools

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Hydraulic tools are hand-operated machines with hydraulic drives that are employed for various technological operations, such as tightening threaded joints and pressing parts in and out. They utilize a pressurized fluid—typically hydraulic oil—as the source of power to perform a job, which offers a number of advantages over alternative power solutions. For example: 
  • They generate more power and take up less space than electrically powered tools. 
  • They are quieter than gas-powered and pneumatically powered tools.
  • They are easier to monitor and control, which makes them more accurate.
  • They do not produce exhaust or otherwise have a significant impact on the surrounding environment.
  • They do not carry the risk of running out of battery, making them more consistent and reliable. 
  • They can work in cold and wet conditions
  • They can last for a long time with minimal maintenance requirements. 
Stanley hydraulic products

Why Use STANLEY® Hydraulic Tools?

STANLEY is a premier manufacturer of innovative hydraulic products suitable for use in a wide range of industries and applications. The company offers over 90 handheld hydraulic tools that can be powered by hydraulic platforms or their power units, including the most complete line of hydraulic railroad tools and equipment in the world. These products are utilized across the globe by industry professionals in the contracting, public works, railroad, and utility sectors. 

Industrial Applications of STANLEY® Hydraulic Tools

STANLEY® hydraulic tools find use in many industrial applications. Three of the most typical uses include handheld applications, underwater construction applications, and railroad applications. 

Handheld ApplicationsStanley Handheld tools

STANLEY hydraulic tools are used for many handheld applications throughout the industrial sector, including, but not limited to, the following: 

  • Demolition
  • Electric utility
  • Light construction
  • Municipal water
  • Recycling
  • Search and rescue
Some of the types of hydraulic tools utilized for these applications include: 

  • Hydraulic power packs: STANLEY hydraulic power packs allow tools and equipment to be easily transported to job sites. 
  • Cordless T&D: The STANLEY cordless T&D line consists of 6-ton and 12-tons tools developed to help utility workers complete some of their toughest day-to-day tasks. 
  • Tree trimming tools: STANLEY offers tools designed for pruning tree branches and clearing brush. 
  • Sinker drills: STANLEY sinker drills are designed for blast hole drilling, dowel hole drilling, and leak detection. 
  • Diggers: STANLEY compact digging spades are used to dig out materials such as heavy clay, light shale, hardpan, and frozen or dry hard ground.
  • Tampers: STANLEY tampers are ideal for compacting the soil around fence posts, signs, and utility poles. 
  • Post pullers: STANLEY post pullers are designed to remove flanged type signposts and irregularly shaped posts that are up to 8 inches (20 centimeters) wide. 
  • Horizontal grinders: STANLEY horizontal grinders are used for touching up the surface of welds and deburring.
  • Trash pumps: STANLEY trash pumps are engineered to pump liquids with solids. 
  • Power units: STANLEY are optimized to deliver ideal pressure and flow to types 1 and 2 hydraulic tools. 

Underwater Construction Applications

Stanley Under Water ToolsSTANLEY underwater tools are engineered for a complete spectrum of applications, including underwater construction, salvage, and demolition. For example, they can be used for building bridge footings, maintaining piers, docks, and other shoreline structures, and constructing marine floor anchoring and rigging elements. Typical places these tools are found include: 
  • Archaeological expeditions
  • Dam construction sites
  • Mining explorations
  • Oil platforms
Some of the types of hydraulic tools utilized for these applications include: 

  • Underwater breakers: STANLEY’s line of underwater breakers are trusted across the world for concrete breaking, coral removal, and rod driving operations. 
  • Underwater grinders: STANLEY underwater grinders come with a variety of wheels, brushes, and attachments to suit various underwater cleaning and grinding applications. 
  • Underwater cut-off saws: STANLEY underwater cut-off saws are designed to cut metal or concrete underwater and on land. 
  • Underwater impact wrenches: STANLEY underwater impact wrenches are engineered to handle the toughest underwater bolting applications. 
  • Underwater diamond saws: STANLEY underwater diamond saws are specifically designed to cut through solid concrete while submerged in water. 
  • Underwater chipping hammers: STANLEY underwater chipping hammers are designed for underwater chipping of concrete, masonry, and rock.
  • Underwater sinker drills: STANLEY underwater sinker drills are used to drill through concrete, masonry, and rock underwater. 
  • Underwater impact drivers: STANLEY underwater impact drivers are two-in-one tools. They combine an impact wrench and a wool drill. 
  • Underwater hammer drills: STANLEY underwater hammer drills are designed to drill up to 2 inches deep in concrete, rock, and masonry. 

Railroad Applications

STANLEY offers a range of tools for the railroad industry. Typical applications include: 

  • Track maintenance and other related applications
  • Rail signal, communication, and catenary applications
Some of the types of hydraulic tools utilized for these applications include: 
  • Impact wrenches: STANLEY impact wrenches are used to bolt tie or fish plate bolts. 
  • Profile grinders: STANLEY profile grinders are used to grind the surfaces of rails after they’ve been welded. 
  • Rail drills: STANLEY rail drills can drill through standard and hardened rails. 
  • Robotic welders: STANLEY robotic welders are computer-controlled to facilitate the creation of consistent welds in virtually any shape when repairing frogs and rails. 
  • Switch rod heads: STANLEY switch rod heads ensure operators are protected against electrical shock during routine catenary maintenance operations. 
  • Pin brazing and safe bonding systems: STANLEY pin brazing and safe bonding systems provide a connection point for rail detection and signaling solutions. 
  • Cordless inline rotary grinders: STANLEY cordless inline rotary grinders remove debris quickly to deliver a surface prepared for unyielding pin brazing connections. 

Partner With Metro Hydraulic Jack Co. for Your Hydraulic Tool Needs Today

STANLEY hydraulic tools are used by industry professionals across a wide range of industries. If you’re interested in experiencing the STANLEY difference, Metro Hydraulic Jack Co. has got you covered. We proudly carry hydraulic tools from some of the most trusted brands in the industry, including STANLEY. To learn more about our product offerings, contact us today. For pricing details, request a quote



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