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How the Oil and Gas Industry Is Benefitting From Hydraulic Power

The oil and gas industries rely heavily on hydraulic systems due to their ability to handle enormous amounts of power. In both onshore and offshore applications, hydraulic fracturing equipment plays an important role in boosting energy production and lowering costs for consumers. Hydraulic power comes in many forms that are suited to certain high-powered applications.

Critical Applications that Require Hydraulics

Hydraulic systems are effective tools for transmitting power in offshore projects like fracking and oil mining. Oftentimes, offshore hydraulic systems are placed where pipes are prone to leak underwater. Metro Hydraulic Jack Co. sells Enerpac Equipment that can provide proper maintenance. High-powered hydraulic systems enable crews to complete daily processes both offshore and onshore. Some of the equipment that benefits from hydraulic power include:
  • Rock Drills: Hydraulic rock drills exert an immense amount of pressure to blast through bedrock.
  • Filter Presses: Filter presses effectively separate solids and liquids by using high-powered hydraulics to pump a slurry through the filter press.
  • Drilling Rigs: Drilling rigs dig wells and lay pipes in both onshore and offshore projects.
  • Cranes and Pumps: These cranes use hydraulic power to lift much heavier loads than are possible with mechanical and diesel-powered cranes.
  • Blast Hole Drill Rigs: These drill rigs clear bedrock using explosives loaded into a blast hole.
  • Mining Dump Trucks: Mining dump trucks equipped with hydraulic systems are more powerful than traditional dump trucks.
With the help of hydraulic power, your people and equipment can work more effectively and efficiently.

Hydraulic Parts at Work

There are several hydraulic parts that are crucial to the oil and gas industry.


Hydraulic cylinders are versatile. They can use different types of internal fluids—like mineral oil and water glycol—and be mounted in different positions, any of which can exert an enormous amount of force.


Hydraulic pumps outperform mechanical pumps at producing a high volume each day.


Hydraulic valves tolerate a variety of harsh conditions, including high pressure and extreme temperatures. The valves also provide strong, secure sealing protection.


Liquid-filled gauges are long-lasting, high-performance parts even when conditions are not optimal. As a result, these instruments require less maintenance and reduce unexpected downtime.

High-Powered Solutions From Metro Hydraulic Jack Co.

If you’re looking for high-powered solutions for your energy company, Metro Hydraulic Jack Co. can help. We offer a large selection of hydraulic products and components for the oil and gas industry for both land and sea-based operations. Contact us today to get started on your application.

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